Learn About the Types of Bed Cooling Systems


Learn About the Types of Bed Cooling Systems

It can be hard to fall asleep when your bed is too warm. There are good chances that you may have experienced this before. And, it can be easier to fall asleep if you are feeling cooler than usual. Remember that an overly warm bed can lead to wakefulness in the night and decreases the length of sleep which is important for brain function and your overall health.

With a cooler bed, it can assist you to sleep faster and even stay asleep during the night. Better sleep quality can also help you to be productive, have better mental health, and improved overall health. A cooler bed is also necessary if you are experiencing health issues that increase your body’s temperature like hot flashes and night sweats. In this post, you will learn about the types of bed cooling systems.

Passive cooling systems

A passive cooling system can cool your bed through heat dissipation and by increasing ventilation. Others also work by getting the trapped heat from your body or the mattress and dissipating it away. Cooling pads and cooling mattress toppers are considered to be passive systems. And, they use special materials, such as ventilated foam, cooling gel, and bamboo designed to keep the bed cool.

While they can be effective for most people, pads, and toppers may be limited when it comes to the level of cooling they can offer. When your bedroom is too warm like during summer, they may not be that helpful because there is no place for the heat to go.

If you happen to be a warm sleeper, experience hot flashes or have night sweats, they can have limited effect. The topper cannot dissipate all the heat that your body is giving off.

The major benefit of a passive cooling system is that it’s affordable. You see, a gel foam topper can sometimes cost just a fraction of the cost of an advanced active cooling system. But if you want a bit of cooling to sleep well, then you should consider finding the best bed cooling systems.

Active cooling systems

An active cooling system is more proactive when it comes to cooling. Rather than just dissipating heat, this system works by bringing down temperatures. An active cooling system is regarded as an effective bed cooler. It’s ideal for hot sleepers, people with night sweats, those experiencing hot flashes, and people living in hot climates.

You can find different types of active cooling systems on the market. One of the common bed cooling systems is bed and pillow fans. These can blow air below your sheet so that it can circulate cool air on your body. There is no active heating or cooling of the air. The good thing about this system is that they are quite affordable.

Another type of bed cooling system is called an air-cooled system. This system is a great option for many sleepers because it works by cooling the air before it’s pumped into your bed. You can also find some that come with a warming option. The top benefit of this bed cooling system is that it provides instant temperature relief.

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