Let There Be Bright! Adding Natural Light To Dark Rooms

Let There Be Bright! Adding Natural Light To Dark Rooms

It’s summertime and your home should reflect the fact. There is nothing worse than living in a dark house when the sun is shining outside. In fact, studies show it encourages the onset of depression and a negative mental attitude. Yep, all of this happens because of a few darkened spaces in your property, even in the summer.

The way to combat it is to let the UV rays swathe the house in sunlight. It shouldn’t be too hard, right? Everything you need is right under your nose, so why is it difficult?

With these tips, it doesn’t have to be any longer.

Change The Window Treatments

Normally, the material on the glass is the biggest factor because it blocks the sun’s rays. Take curtains as a perfect illustration. Because they are big, bulky and thick, nothing can get past. The window treatment acts as a blocker. Blinds are better because they’re thinner and more flexible, but there is one more option to consider. Home window films for privacy are mainly to stop people looking in and gawking. However, there is a second use which is that they let in light. As a result, they kill two birds with one stone. Think of them as a blinds and curtains hybrid.

Use The Mirror Effect

Decorating with mirrors is an age-old trick to make spaces appear big. The way it works is that the shiny surface reflects the light around the room, giving off a visual mirage. Forget about size for a moment and focus on the reflection part of the trick. If you can bounce what little light there is in the room around, then you can make it lighter. So, mirrors are essential but anything with a shiny surface will do the job. Adding chandeliers, metal photo frames and doorknobs and light fixtures are three examples but there are plenty more.

Don’t Be Opaque

Lots of homes make this mistake. Because rooms are compartmentalized, there are blockages in the way which stop light in their tracks. Big wooden doors are a prime example, as are walls. Okay, it isn’t like you can get rid of these things though, right? Well, it depends but there is nothing wrong with figuring it out. For instance, check whether the wall is a load-bearing one. If it isn’t, then knock through and open up space. Regarding doors, don’t be afraid to switch from wood to glass to be more transparent.

Add A Skylight

Some rooms are devoid of light and will stay that way regardless. It doesn’t matter how many of the above you use because nothing will work. In this circumstance, it’s time to add to the room rather than take away. Windows and doors are the main sources of light in properties, but they won’t suffice so a skylight is worth considering. Be careful about messing with the infrastructure because they’re not as simple as they seem. Other than that, enjoy your new ceiling window.

How do you brighten up dark rooms?

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