Let Van Gogh’s Masterpieces Be Your Home’s Stylist!

Let Van Gogh's Masterpieces Be Your Home's Stylist!

Interior design trends have undergone a stark change in just a few years because of our lifestyles, economics, and innovations. Designing your home has never been easier…and confusing. But, what is the confusion here? Well, interior design incorporates a lot more than just painting walls and buying accessories for your sweet home. It means the art of bringing balance, texture, and tone into that area surrounded by 4 walls. Nowadays, multiple options are available for styling almost every corner of your house. You can even select a variety of approaches, from as simple as minimalism to as eclectic as bohemian. Irrespective of your house’s size, you only need a couple of tricks to deck every room with your favorite vibe.

If you’re an art enthusiast, you may be a fan of modern abstract wall art, but do you know the legendary Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh? Known for his characteristic style featuring bold, visible brushstrokes laden with vibrant shades of primary colors, Van Gogh is considered one of the most famous artists of the 20th century.

Surprisingly, he was able to sell only one painting in his lifetime, but, his expressionist work played a crucial role in developing modern art. Your home can benefit from his daring colors and dreamy interpretations of worldly things. So, if you’re looking to change the look of your home, let this famous dutch painter’s artwork guide you.

Inject happiness with sunflowers

You know how much joy flowers can bring us. They are a perfect symbol of affection, care, and love. Van Gogh has seven sunflower-based paintings under his belt, and each masterpiece represents something different. While all flowers are beautiful, van Gogh was enchanted with the beauty of sunflowers. For him, the yellow color of the sunflower was comparable to the sun’s brightness and shine.

Yellow can attract attention and create an energetic vibe in your home, but don’t overdo it. You can place a yellow vase or paint an accent wall cheery yellow, but be mindful of how much of the shade you use as you’re decorating

Let Van Gogh's Masterpieces Be Your Home's Stylist!

Let imbalance create balance.

Bedroom in Arles by van Gogh guides us skillfully on how different sized and framed artworks can bring balance when hung on the wall. You can also try this style principle by experimenting with mirrors, plates, or other art pieces.

Embrace odd chairs

Do you remember that old chair in your parent’s home? Do you still have it?

You know the answer; you do not. It’s not your fault; times are changing. Being children of the digital age makes us victims of continuously changing trends. However, you can get similar-looking vintage chairs from a nearby flea market. It will be a perfect filler for your empty corner. Or, if you’re a hoarder like us and have a collection of eclectic things, consider placing mismatched chairs around a table. You can also add some mid-century modern wall decor behind your collection to add a charming hint of countryside vibes to your space.


Van Gogh’s most famous masterpiece, Starry Night, is a perfect inspiration for all star-gazers and dreamers. But, his artwork is so much more than just stars. It would be best if you had a look to find your own unique canvas print from his pieces.

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