Liquid Aeration as a Convenient Alternative To Mechanical Core Aeration

For your lawn to look thick, green, and healthy, it needs the right amount of aeration. However, you only have a few ways to do this. Aeration is just as important as fertilizing and mowing your lawn. While it is a vital undertaking, you will notice the benefits that it brings to your loan in no time at all. You can either opt to aerate your lawn using mechanical core aeration or liquid aeration. This article will explain in more detail.

Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

The health of your lawn grass is completely dependent on the health of your soil. Aeration is needed because soil compacts over time and squeezes out the air that it needs to keep plants healthy. But aeration alleviates this compaction process. It also helps roots grow thicker and allows for rapid growth.

Mechanical core aeration has been a reliable method for many years since it is a manual method that allows for the use of air plugs in the soil. But liquid aeration is a modern technique that involves no aeration machine or the pulling out dirt. It has made things easier and much more convenient.

Here are a few reasons why you should use liquid aeration as a convenient alternative to mechanical core aeration:

Quicker and easier

When it comes to efficiency, liquid aeration is miles above its mechanical core counterpart. This is because liquid aerators only require a pump hose aerator and a hose sprayer to cover your entire lawn in the shortest possible time.

 However, mechanical core aeration requires the use of machines and spike shoes to do the same level of work. The difference between the two is that the latter takes a lot more time to complete the same amount of work than a liquid aerator completes in a matter of minutes. Remember mechanical core aeration involves passing holes into the soil for inherent benefits.

Covers a larger surface area

As previously discussed, when using mechanical core aeration is especially tricky because it requires the covering of every single blade of glass so as to ensure enough water and air will penetrate the soil.

 Apart from this, you will have to go through the same area over and over again to ensure that it is well-covered. It is safe to say that mechanical aeration does not cover a large surface area as liquid aeration does. With minimal work, the latter only requires one liter of the solution to cover up to 32,000 square feet. As if that’s not enough, you will cover this entire area and still remain with some solution in the bottle. Now, isn’t this more convenient?

Ensures that your lawn retains its beautiful look

When you have worked on your lawn for a long time, and have a beautiful and specific look in mind, the last thing you would want around it is an unsightly plug. This will take away from your hard work and honestly, the lawn’s aesthetic. 

One of the biggest problems with mechanical core aeration is the fact that it leaves unsightly soil plugs behind. By the time you are done running water using this mechanical method, your lawn will be no different from a battlefield. 

Granted, the soil plugs will disintegrate over time. But you will ruin the appearance of your lawn just because of aeration. But with liquid aeration, you will work beneath the surface. Needless to say, this will leave your lawn looking as beautiful as always. You will enjoy the best of aeration without having to compromise on aesthetics.

Goes much deeper

This is yet another way that liquid aeration beats its mechanical core counterpart. Usually, mechanical core aeration methods are limited to three inches, but liquid solutions go well beyond this with the help of gravity. 

As such, better water retention and drainage are developed. In the long run, this prevents any standing water that may make your lawn muddy. Most importantly, because of the deep level of water retention through liquid aeration, the amount of water your lawn needs during drier months is automatically reduced.

Final Thoughts

Mechanical core aeration and liquid aeration are both methods that will get you the results that you are looking for, where your lawn is concerned. However, one is labor-intensive and the other will allow you to breeze through the process of airing your soil.

 If you are looking for convenience, rapid growth, and quick results, then liquid aeration is your best bet. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle and get started! 

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