What Is a TV Bed and Why Do You Need One?

What Is a TV Bed and Why Do You Need One

In America, 64% of households host a television in the master bedroom.  While it’s no surprise that having a TV in your room can provide an ultra-comfortable environment for late-night viewing, many rooms simply aren’t set up to accommodate this luxury. If your limited space is robbing you of the ability to live in luxury with a bedroom television, we’ve got the perfect solution. Your high-tech home upgrades for 2021 could be as easy as purchasing your very own TV bed. But what is a TV bed and how could this simple solution take your bedroom renovation to the next level? Follow along to discover how this fancy furniture works and the benefits of installing one in your home today.

What Is a TV Bed?

A TV bed joins the features of a bed and television in one piece of furniture by tucking your flat screen away in the footboard. These luxurious bed frames use tech and clever placement to make your television fully retractable at the press of a button.

With a hinged top on your footboard, an electric motor raises and lowers your television for easy viewing right from the comfort of your bed. Depending on the model you choose, a manual switch or button on your remote will bring your TV out of hiding and into perfect view.

Beyond housing your television, the bed frame also features perks like built-in speakers and HDMI hubs for easy connectivity options. With features like this, you can go from Friday night gaming to Saturday morning news without even leaving your cozy bedroom.

TV Bed Benefits

So why is this luxurious bed a must for your bedroom renovation? In short, if you love watching television and wish to live in luxury right from your home you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this fancy unit.

Some of the benefits of these high-class home upgrades include:

Work Around Limited Wall Space

If you’ve been wanting to mount a television in your bedroom for years but struggled with finding the wall space, a TV bed is a perfect workaround.

Because the television appears right from your footboard, you won’t need the extra wall space to facilitate a screen. This means you can still enjoy all the decorations you already have hanging with ease.

This is especially helpful for beds that face the window as you won’t ever have to sacrifice your beautiful morning view for your favorite movies and series.

Great for Small Bedrooms

Perhaps you have the wall space required to hang a television, but the invasive mechanism would make your room feel quite crowded and cluttered. With a TV bed, you can ensure a clutter-free viewing experience at any time.

With beautiful designs from woodwork specialists like Wildwood TV beds, you can choose the size, style, and design that best suits your small space. You’ll never have to compromise due to restricted square footage again.

Increased Comfort

There’s something about laying in bed watching television that blows the comfort of the couch away. However, if your bedtime television isn’t in the ideal position, viewing from bed can cause headaches, body pains, and even sore eyes.

With a TV bed, you’ll always be guaranteed a perfect angle for viewing. Just grab your favorite pillow and settle in for maximized viewing comfort. With extra features like the built-in speakers, you’ll have a full theater experience right from your cozy bedroom.

Luxurious Feel

If your dream is to live in luxury, look no further than the TV bed. Take your home improvements a step further by installing a TV bed in your guest suite and provide your visitors with the stay of a lifetime.

With the high-tech appeal, your guests will feel like they’ve checked-in to a five-star resort.

And of course, going to bed each night in a beautiful wood-crafted bed will make you feel like a million bucks. Nothing says luxury like having your television appear as if from nowhere to read you the morning news or get your day started with a little talk-show entertainment.

No Invasive Wiring and Brackets

One of the biggest downfalls to a wall-mounted TV is the wiring and brackets left on your wall. These unsightly features make it nearly impossible to move your television around. When it comes to adding value to your home, an ugly bracket on the wall does nothing to contribute.

With a TV bed, you’ll never have to worry about visible wiring or messy wall hangings. Your TV moves with your bed, so if you ever wish to rearrange, you can rest assured knowing your television will still be perfectly placed.

Tidy Appearance

Your bedroom is like your haven. When it gets messy or looks cluttered, the sense of relaxation in the space is greatly reduced. Beyond this, many people simply don’t like the look of a television placed in the bedroom. If you battle between a clean, tidy appearance and enjoying bedtime movies, a TV bed is a perfect solution. When you are done viewing, simply retract the screen into the discreet frame and enjoy the television-free space you know and love.

Extra Storage

Many TV beds are designed with ultimate usability in mind. Because of this, luxuries like under-bed storage and sliding drawers are often added into the frame. This is especially helpful for those smaller-sized rooms we mentioned earlier. This one piece of furniture then becomes a bed, TV, and dresser.

Beyond this, removing your television from a wall or base unit frees up space for decorations or additional furniture and can help your space feel more open.

Live in Luxury With a TV Bed

Now that you know the benefits of a TV bed and how to take your cozy bedroom to the next level, it’s time to tackle your bedroom renovation today. From a more optimized space to the beautiful craftsmanship on these clever beds, you’ll love that you live in luxury with your new bedroom television.

Want more luxurious tips and tricks for your home upgrades? Read our blog to discover all the secrets you need for a more beautiful, high-class home.


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