Lock Safety In A Crime-Ridden Neighborhood

Lock Safety In A Crime-Ridden Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are like little villages, they all have their own vibe and atmosphere, and the people generally know each other from passersby to good friends. Growing up as a child you learn that neighbors are genuinely good people with their own families that live just like your family. It’s very easy at that age to make friends and see the neighborhood as your very own playground. However as real life starts to take hold as you get older, you realize how precious the community cohesion really is. When crime comes to your part of town, it’s a serious threat to your property. Suddenly you feel unsafe and react to every noise at night and find it hard to sleep a good night’s rest. You hear stories and rumors of what happened to a home just a few meters away from you and dare not wish it on yourself to be a victim. You need to devise some plans to live safely in a neighborhood where crime looks as if it’s rapidly increasing.

Don’t leave keys

Most kids a couple of decades ago formed a plan with their parents consisting of what to do if they arrived home with no one to let them in. It’s a classic stereotype but it was a simpler time back then, and you could leave a house key relatively unhidden. As time went on better places to hide the key became more common. Everybody knows these places now. They’re usually under a brick, a plant pot, a patch of grass and soil, in the guttering, etc. if it’s popular culture that this used to happen in many people’s lives, the chances are high that they will also check these places. Instead, it’s better to give your children keys they can keep with them at all time. Put it on their keychain or simply in their zip pocket of their school bag. If you don’t trust your children to keep a hold of the key, give one to your neighbor who can let them in on time from school.

One step further

Keys and locks as we know them will one day be obsolete and rightfully so. Some criminals are expert lock pickers, and in fact, it’s quite scary when you learn just how advanced they are at it. They are taught by veteran criminals techniques that work on different kinds of locks. With two simple tools, they can mimic the notches of a key to get inside the pressure points of a lock and spring the pins down or back into the recoil spring. Electronic locks can be fitted to avoid this issue altogether. A company like allamericanlocksmiths.net has keyless entry technology they can fit to your door. Using a magnetic lock that is operated electronically, it’s a much safer system that cannot be hacked unless they know the passwords. These locks have a number pad which is used to tap in your password in order to unlock the door. Great for the back and front door, all your kids need to remember is a four or six-number password.

Crime is like a plague; it ruins every neighborhood where it is allowed to fester. The best peace of mind is a lock on your property that is modern, strong and also easy to use. Key locks can be hacked easily, but electromagnetic locks are much tougher.

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