Luxury Jewellery Brands and Designs in Sydney


Luxury Jewellery Brands and Designs in Sydney

When it comes to fine jewellery and luxury jewellery brands, Sydney is where you’ll find it all. Whether you’re looking for men’s wedding rings, pearl jewellery, chain necklaces, an engagement ring or any jewellery of fine quality.

Being Australia’s biggest city by population and also one of the country’s wealthiest urban areas, the city is home to some of the world’s best of everything, including luxury jewellery. This article is going to be focusing on some luxury jewellery brands in Sydney so that anyone who adores quality jewellery will have an idea of what’s available.

The Hearts On Fire Jewellery Collection

One of the world’s best and most famous jewellery collections is the Hearts On Fire range of fine jewellery and it’s available in stores in Sydney. Renowned for using only the highest quality diamonds and gemstones in the making of their jewellery, Hearts On Fire pieces are sought after by lovers of exquisite jewellery.

There is everything you would expect to find in a jewellery collection, from stunning engagement rings, necklaces, pendants and more.

Hearts On Fire is rated by many to be one of the world’s best jewellery collections, crafting pieces of the utmost quality in every way. The diamonds will dazzle you and if you like unique pieces of jewellery, you’ll discover some amazing items of jewellery in the collection.

Gucci Fine Jewellery

The Gucci name is synonymous with high-end fashion and accessories and also their range of jewellery. The Gucci brand is one of the most sought after jewellery collections in Australia and around the world.

For people who are brand conscious and love to wear something recognisable, then the Gucci jewellery range is for you. Just about every item features the Gucci double G or interlocking Gs, representative of this iconic brand.

The really cool thing about the Gucci collection is they have so many matching pieces, such as the Interlocking G series of jewellery in sterling silver, which includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that all match.

Gucci is one of the best jewellery collections around and is also quite good value for money.

Dracakis Jewellery

For 2 generations now Dracakis Jewellers has been designing and making unique handcrafted jewellery for customers all across Sydney. This jewellery includes engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery and pieces for no specific occasion.

Along with making jewellery to order based on the client’s desires and specifications, Dracakis also stocks its own jewellery line in their Sydney stores and in their online catalogue. Every piece is meticulously designed and hand-made, whether it be earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings or bracelets.

If you are looking for hand-made jewellery or custom-made jewellery of the absolute highest quality, you can find it at Dracakis Jewellers.

Jewellery From Pomellato

Pomellato Jewellery can be discovered in jewellery stores in the Sydney area. This Italian jewellery maker was founded in 1967 and is ranked among the top 5 jewellery makers in all of Europe. In more recent times, the brand came into the fold of the luxury jewellery company, Kering.

The jeweller is famous the world over for blending the finest coloured gemstones with diamonds, gold and silver. Pomellato has a number of distinctive collections which are both colourful as well as unique. Designs are modern, artistic and a little different from other fine jewellery collections on the market today.

If you like to be individual and make a statement by the jewellery you wear, then you might want to take a look at what’s on offer in the Pomellato Jewellery collections.


Salvini is yet another Italian jewellery brand of distinction and is considered one of the very best known brands and names in fine Italian jewellery. Their collections feature some exquisite pieces in designs that you simply won’t find in other jewellery lines.

Salvini is all about quality, style and sophistication, providing jewellery and gems of the utmost quality in a dazzling array of designs. Butterfly shapes and hearts feature prominently in Salvini Jewellery collections.

The Takeaway

If you want access to the world’s finest jewellery collections from the best brands in Australia, then Sydney is the place to find them. Every exquisite jewellery piece you could ever dream of is available at fine jewellery stores in the Sydney area.

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