Magnificently Messy: An Abstract-Expressionist Approach to Design Your Floors

Regardless if you work on your own or with a professional designer, installing Parisian style flooring designs or an artist-inspired chip epoxy flooring Orlando will transform your spaces into something unique. Today’s article talks about getting creative when it comes to commercial and residential floors. Learn about different decorative designs and patterns, numerous epoxy floor coatings, costs, and so much more.

Magnificently Messy: An Abstract-Expressionist Approach to Design Your Floors

The Designs for Your Floors

You can browse around for all sorts of designs when it comes to flooring systems. Some have specific functions and locations for installation, such as garages, small retail spaces, commercial properties, etc. below are underrated pop-culture-inspired ideas you can incorporate in your spaces.

Abstract-Expressionism Inspired Floors

Many of the known art styles have an ongoing impact on the flooring industry, as they provide beautiful and one-of-a-kind designs for floors you won’t find anywhere else. Abstract-expressionism is one such influential style that is climbing the popularity ladder today. You can choose from designs by abstract-expressionism artists like Louise Nevelson, David Smith, Jackson Pollock, and Willem De Kooning.

Epoxy Chip and Flake Floorings

Chip and flake epoxy floorings are some of the many types of epoxy paints and coatings available for flooring purposes. Many flake and chip blends are at your disposal, and they are ideal for all kinds of environments. You can additionally condition them to be slip-resistant and function as coarse and fine-textured chip floors.

Not only are they durable and cheap, but you also have the liberty to customize them in terms of color mixture for a desired motif or design. Many people have varied opinions in the chip vs. flake debate. But the truth is that both methods are almost the same. One does not supersede the other, and that they both create a stylish and aesthetic flooring.

Epoxy Floor Paints

Epoxy floor paint can be an alternative to chips and flakes and garage epoxy. If you still want to aim for the chip look on your surface, epoxy chip paints are also available. Epoxy floor paints do not need to stick to average colors such as reds, greens, and blues. You can have any mix of hues you want. The paint can also mimic specific artistic styles.

3D Epoxy Flooring

3D floorings are durable, cost-efficient, and functional. But what makes them distinct and valuable is that they add a special effect to your surface. From outer space to art concepts depicting nihilism, there is an almost infinite set of options you can choose. You can also use pictures and artwork done digitally.

Epoxy resin assists in the creation of a three-dimensional image on the floor. And it makes the floor highly resistant to stains, water, machine impact, foot traffic, and abrasion. Guests and visitors will have to make a second look once they see your flooring masterpiece.

How Much Will the Floorings Be?

Costs depend on a variety of factors. You will have to consider some of the following when thinking about what flooring design you wish to have.

Type of resin for installation

The type of resin you will use will affect your overall budget. So it is wise that you choose the best one that will fit your needs.

Total surface area

How big is the surface area you will have to cover? The larger it is, the more you will spend on materials. You will require more materials to get the job done.

Layers and floor sealants

More layers will add to the durability of a flooring system. However, this means that you will have to shell out more cash. There are also function-specific sealants you might require, such as corrosion-preventing sealants, moisture-repelling sealants, and others.

Accessibility issues

Where is the floor’s location? Is it in the basement or at the top of a building? Either way, it can get quite messy and hard to transfer and relocate materials and equipment. That alone becomes an issue, and your handler will certainly charge more.

The Floor Is Yours

Remember that you are not limited to these art-inspired floor designs. There are more you can find out online with just a click of a mouse. No matter what you will place as a flooring, make sure you have a design you truly love and enjoy and learn from the overall experience.


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