Maintenance Checklist: How to Care for Your Home

Your home offers you comfort, warmth, and security, and like anything that serves your life and wellbeing, it deserves some love and care to be able to offer you its best. While some people think it’s ok to wait until something stops functioning to have it serviced; breaks to have it fixed; or becomes completely busted to have it replaced, it is not the right way to go about home maintenance. Taking care of your home shouldn’t be a torturous process, especially when you can delegate this responsibility to a professional team of home maintenance. For instance, there are several local options for you to choose from, such as home management company in Los Angeles.  Below is a checklist of some basic essential maintenance tasks that you should keep in mind as you care for your home.

1. Examine All Doors

Your doors offer you privacy, security and safety; they also help regulate the temperature in your home, prevent water splashes in your bathroom, and keep annoying mosquitoes in your balcony from flying in. No matter where in the world you are, there are bound to be professionals that specialize in designing doors and screens to keep your household safe. If you reside in Singapore, for example, where mosquitoes are known to be found in many places, contacting a trusted door contractor Singapore which the locals are comfortable with should be common practice. It’s important to have a professional check and clean your door hardware; test your weather stripping; service the tracks; oil the moving parts; replace any faulty components, or even change the entire door if needed.

2. Maintain the Integrity of Your Windows

You probably open and close your windows several times a day, and you have all the right – they are amazing tools at home. Windows help you control ventilation, lighting, security levels as well as privacy through tinted glass or a set of blinds.

A regular quick checkup can go a long way, so make sure you periodically check your window frame for cracks or unusual spaces and remedy this immediately, as they compromise the quality of cooling and heating indoors, as well as allow for insects to come into the room. In addition, examine screens and replace the torn ones, and test the knobs and locks to see if they’re working as they should.

3. Clear Your Plumbing

Plumbing accidents can be costly as they may lead to water overflowing in your home and drowning valuable belongings. That’s why regular plumbing checks and maintenance measures are in order. Install a hair strainer for the bathtub drain to stop shower hair from clogging your pipes, and use hot water and dishwashing liquids to clear any solidified oil residues inside the pipes. If your pipes get completely clogged, avoid using acidic products – instead, use a drain snake to pull the offending clog to the surface.

4. Get Your Air Conditioners Serviced

Air conditioners are one of the most expensive appliances to purchase and repair, that’s why it is recommended to have them serviced at least once a year right before the summer. Maintenance includes condensation hose inspection to confirm that water is drained freely; screen examination to make sure that your air conditioner is free of debris, so as to keep air flowing easily; as well as coil cleaning for optimal performance. In addition, remember to regularly change the interior filters.

Do it One Thing at a Time

Regular maintenance and home care will not only help you identify issues early on and fix them at a much lower cost, but it will also help you avoid major problems and possible injuries that may be caused by failing to maintain your home properly. There are dozens of necessary measures that fall under the category of home care and maintenance, but to avoid being overwhelmed, start with the list we offered you in this article, and take things one task at a time.

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