How to Make A Round 3D Doll Head

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Have you been thinking making a round 3D doll head too hard to do? Instead of a doll head with just two pieces to sew together, you need a pattern with multiple pieces sewn together. Thus, making the doll’s  3D instead of 2D. With this tutorial by an experienced doll maker, you will find it much easier than you imagined.

Learn how to make round 3d doll head to create your own country, primitive, and whimsical style handmade dolls. Learn step by step from a doll artist.


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Making a Round 3D Doll Head

There’s a few things you need to get started with this tutorial. First, it’s helpful if you have some basic experience with making dolls. You’ll find following this tutorial easier if you’ve accomplished some sewing already.

Next, you need a good sewing machine. There’s nothing more frustrating than a sewing machine that won’t perform well. Before I changed to a new machine I constantly annoyed by my old machine’s thread tension. I couldn’t get a smooth, even stitch. It made doll making next to impossible. Since getting my Brother® Sewing machine, I can sew without worrying about lousy looking stitches. It’s very easy to thread. I like how the bobbin lid is clear allowing me to spot when it’s low on thread. Plus, is has several pretty top stitches on clothing and other sewing projects.

Of course you need basic sewing supplies:

Muslin fabric

Doll Pattern with 3D head (Look for one at

Mark B Gone pen or pencil

thread (all purpose for machine and quilting for hand sewing – I sometimes use machine quilting thread for both the machine stitches and hand stitches)

sewing needle (smaller size to make tiny stitches)

sewing scissors

Tutorial by Cindy of Homespun from the Heart

1. Cut out your template for your round head; the one shown in just a quick sample I made. Click here for the template of the one I used here. Click on it to open; then right click and ‘save as’ to your computer. It’s a .jpg file so you can adjust the size as you need to to make your head bigger. Use this one to practice, then apply your learning to a doll pattern of your choosing.

In this sample, I used 5 pieces to make the head – cut them from muslin.

roundhead1 roundhead6
2. Lay out your pieces – I numbered mine 1-5 to help with the tutorial. At the top of each piece mark with a Mark B Gone pen or pencil a line about 1/2″ down (this is going to be the opening to turn and to attach the head to the neck, so you may need a bigger opening if you have a larger doll).

3. Place piece #2 on top of piece #1, right sides together (RST).

4. Sew together, using a 1/4 – 1/2″ seam allowance (or whatever your pattern calls for).

5. It will look like this when you open it:

6. Now take piece #3 and place it, RST on top of piece #2.

7. Sew together.

8. Continue around with pieces #4 and #5. Sew piece #5 back to piece #1. When finished it will look like this:

9. Turn RSO and you will have what looks like a deflated ball.

10. Stuff firmly through the top opening and you will have your round ball head.

The opening at the top is where I attach to the neck, so turn upside down and stitch onto the neck. It’s best to use a smaller needle and quilting thread for this and take TINY stitches. See “How to Attach a 3D Head” tutorial for the next part! - Create More, Spend Less

Thanks to Cindy of for sharing her tutorial with Prim Mart. She is an accomplished doll designer and has many patterns, including 3D head ones, on her website.

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