Make Your Chores Fun Again

There are certain words in the English language that have this unrivaled ability to strike fear into people. Algebra is one and spider is another. But at the top of the pile, laughing at the puny stature of all the others is chores. It’s a word that frightens the sanity out of all teenagers and one of the most frustrating words any parent can try to avoid.

Fortunately, there is a way you can get through the ever-growing chore list without having a family fallout so loud it will make seagulls flee and the local papers run an article on you. In fact, there are loads of ways you can take the stress out of doing chores and, who knows, maybe even add a delicate sprinkling of fun into the occasion too.

So, without further ado, here is your essential guide to enjoying stress-free chores:

1. Play Your Favourite (& Cheesiest) Playlist

When you’re staring down the barrel of a lengthy deep clean, there is only one way to make your cleaning marathon a whole lot of fun: pop on your favourite playlist. That one that makes your hips do weird things as you sing at the top of your voice. You’ll add a huge dollop of the feel-good factor to something otherwise super-dull.

2. Nice Scents, High Spirits

Smells have this way of making us smile like nothing else on the planet. Freshly-baked cookies, home-cooked stews, buttered popcorn, newly squeezed oranges. It all makes us feel great. Of course, you can’t exactly do all this stuff while you are cleaning and doing chores, but you can go onto and get yourself a scent machine instead.It will fill your nostrils with pure goodness and that will keep your spirits high while you’re rushing around collecting dirty clothes for the laundry.

3. Make Your Chore A Workout

In a day and age where time is more valuable than ever and half of all our complaints are about wishing we had time to hit the gym instead of forever tidying up the house, why not combine that two? That’s right. With a few ankle weights, you can turn your marathon clean up into a marathon workout. Do lunges while mopping and vacuuming and perform some calf-raises while doing the dishes. It will release those gorgeous little endorphins and make you happy instead of stressful.

4. Cuter Cleaning Tools Needed

No one is going to get excited about cleaning when they have to do it with a half-hearted hoover or a rusty old mop. They’re not the sort of things that scream, “let’s whip this house into shape”. Thankfully, the solution is simple: go and get yourself some cute little cleaning tools and feel fifty shades of pretty while doing your long list of chores. It could be a pair of ruffled marigolds for doing the dishes or a dustpan set that would make Kim Kardashian melt. Trust us: when you have cuter tidbits to help you out, you’ll want to do the chores.

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