Making Homemade Scented Candles

Homemade scented candles can fill your home with wonderful fragrances and create a mood in your home. Sometimes your home becomes a little musty or smells funny. While some people reach for a can of disinfectant spray, others of us, prefer using scented candles. Lighting up one or a couple of scented candles can be quite effective in eliminating nasty odors. Plus, they are therapeutic and relaxing as well. What is really neat is that you can make one on your own. Making homemade scented candles is fairly easy. All you need are the proper materials and a clear guide and you’re on your way.

Basics of Making Homemade Scented Candles

Basics of Making Homemade Scented Candles

Making scented candles can be accomplished with a few supplies. The quality of your candles depends on the quality of your supplies so be sure to use those intended for candle making. Basically, what you will need are wax, wick, fragrance oils, colorant, and a container. For the equipment, all you will need are the kitchen stove, meat or candy thermometer, and double boilers. There are some nice kits on Amazon that include all the supplies you need like these below (click on image to shop).


Prepare the Wax

You start off by placing the wax inside a small pot. Place that small pot in a larger pot with water. The idea is to let the heated water melt the wax. Placing the wax directly over the fire might not be a good idea since the wax burns easily. Use a wooden spoon to mix the wax. Use the thermometer and allow the wax to heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t allow the wax to overheat so it is advisable to set the stove at low heat. Some wax may have a different ideal melting point. Read the wax packaging for the ideal temperature.

Add Fragrance & Color

You can add your chosen fragrance oil and the colorant at this point. Stir the wax gently. Ideally, using one ounce of oil per pound of wax is more than enough. If you don’t know an ounce is, you can use a teaspoon. Half a teaspoon of scent is fine. The problem with adding too much scent is that the candle may not burn properly. I’ve seen homemade candles leak out oil when too much was used.

Basics of Making Homemade Scented Candles

Pour the Wax

After you mix the melted wax, scent, and coloring thoroughly, you can pour the mixture into your containers. Make sure that you set the containers on a flat surface so the wax is evenly distributed. When you pour the hot wax, the wick should be in the right place as well. You should secure the wick properly to keep it in the middle of the candle. I wrap some of the excess wicking around a Popsicle stick that’s taped down to the sides of the container.  Pour the wax slowly to prevent spills. You may need to tap the container lightly as you pour the hot was to remove any bubbles. If the candle middle sinks, add more wax as needed.

Cool the Candle

Allow the candle to set until it’s cooled and thoroughly hardened. Let the candle cure a couple of days before burning. Now, you have a great-smelling candle you can enjoy for several hours. Making homemade scented candles can be fun to do. There are so many fragrances and waxes to use.

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