Making Money with a Metal Detector

Making Money with a Metal Detector

You might have not heard there is a way you can make money off metal detectors. But now that you are here, you should know that there is a great possibility that you can do it. Most people only use metal detectors for fun, a reason to go out of the house. But what you don’t know is that you can earn a decent amount of money just by wisely using your metal detector.

Over the years, by doing tons and tons of research, we have found that there are certain ways to hunt that will get you more profits than you were ever getting before. Don’t think about rushing and quitting your job just because you think metal detectors are going to earn you your complete livelihood. But what you can do is start profiting from a small side venture. If you are thinking about what areas you can search in, you have to know there are no limits. However, you can use certain methods and strategies that can benefit you in the best way possible.

Here we will discuss some of the strategies you can use and find the best possible outcomes of using a metal detector.

Coin Hunting

You might have noticed this already. The day after a big concert or a farmer’s market has taken place, several people are hunting with metal detectors in those areas. What they are searching for are leftover coins.

A place where thousands of people have gotten together, you’re bound to find some forgotten coins in amidst. Usually, these kinds of events occur in public parks or stadiums, so you will not have to show any permit to be a detectorist in these areas.

You are also going to find a lot of change that people have dropped by mistake. One benefit of this type of hunting is that you will not have to go digging. Everything is on the surface and can be easily detected.

Jewelry Hunting On the Beach and Swimming Pools

Using a metal detector on the beach is a very new and different kind of experience. We don’t think you might have done it before. Beach and swimming pool is an area where a lot of people take off clothes so you can find some very valuable silver and even gold jewelry there. Some people even discovered antique old queens from beaches that were lost during the old war days’ European shipwrecks.

On any beach, one thing of the most value that you’re likely to find is lost jewelry. It can be of great value, so you mustn’t miss out on these areas. You can also find these kinds of ornaments in oceans and swimming pools because when people dive or swim, cold water makes their fingers shrink, and in that case, rings or watches may slip out of their fingers and hands. So, don’t wait and go on a beach or any other swimming zone to be a detectorist.

Gold Hunting

A metal detector can also detect gold, but it is only possible in an area where large amounts of gold are being produced. But keep in mind when you are off to gold hunting, what you will be looking for are gold nuggets and not small flakes. Check out this article about best metal detectors for gold from

You can detect only bigger and larger gold pieces through a metal detector, and you might even need to invest in a special kind of metal detector. Arizona, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Oregon, along with a few other Western States where you can find an ample amount of gold nuggets. North Carolina and Georgia are another two states where many people found detectable gold nuggets and made tons of profits.

Collect Rare Relics

If you love collecting old coins, then another thing that you can go ahead and search for is old relics. But the only way you will be able to collect these relics if you do thorough research and find locations where people rendezvoused hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

However, don’t have high expectations since not all old relics are of great value. For instance, if you find an ancient nail, no matter how old it is, it will not have the same value as an old coin.

But there are other relics like bullets, crowns, belt buckles, armors, and other such pieces that can be of great value, and you can sell them for a steeper price. There are certain parts of Europe where people every day find old and forgotten relics of great significance.

Ancient Treasure

Want to know what got us to metal detecting in the first place? It was the thought of discovering something big. We grew up hearing about the lost treasures of pirates, and that got us here. And there are great chances then you can come across one as well. All you have to do is find a region where old wars or mishaps have taken place.

These things are known as caches, and they are hard to find. But only if you keep searching for one, you may go across something that will give you a big score.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how you can use a metal detector and earn some extra cash for yourself. Finding a bug treasure is almost impossible but coming across hundreds of coins is very common. Plus, you can always find jewelry on the beaches that can be sold out and get you some extra cash.

If you love metal detecting and have been doing it for some time, let us know how your experience has been and if you have ever made a big score. We would love to have your insight on this and share any experiences you can in the comments below.

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