Making Your Bathroom Stand Out

Making Your Bathroom Stand Out

Bathrooms aren’t usually terribly creative. We’ve all been in bathrooms with little ships or portacabin-style mirrors. There’s often plenty of stainless steel and white tiles. It’s normally the smallest room in our house so it’s only natural that we’d think of functionality over style. Our bathrooms need to be practical, easy to keep clean, and hygienic. But, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or the same as every other bathroom on our street. Here are a few simple changes that you can make to add some personality and style to your bathroom so that it stands out from the rest.

Add Seating

Somehow, adding a chair to a room makes it more luxurious. Add a comfortable seat to your bedroom, and suddenly it looks like a glamorous hotel room. Add a chair to your bathroom, and you’ve got somewhere to sit while you wait for your bath to run, or somewhere for your partner to sit and talk to you while you bathe. It’s such a simple way to add something extra.

Add Color

Don’t feel like you have to stick to boring white tiles or plain shower curtains. Add some color where you can. Create a pattern with your tiles or be bold with an eclectic mix of your favorite designs, even if they don’t match.

Add a Soft Rug

You don’t need to step out of the shower or bath onto a hard and boring matt or rug. Instead, you should step out on to luxury. Find a thick rug that makes stepping out of a wonderful hot bath easier.

Add Storage

One thing many bathrooms have in common is clutter. Our sinks, baths, and window sills are often filled with lotions and potions, makeup, and hair products. Find the perfect custom bathroom cabinets and spend some time decluttering and organizing your products for a neat and tidy bathroom.

Make it Look Bigger

Bathrooms are often small and cramped. This can make it hard to relax in luxury. So, find ways to make the room seem larger. Add a curved shower rod to make your bath or shower feel more significant when you are standing in it, and add tremendous mirrors to your walls to make the room feel as though it’s stretching out in front of you.

Replace Your Towels

The main cause of a tired and old-looking bathroom is the towels. If your towels are faded, torn, and hard, your bathroom will never look great. Replace your towels with bright, soft, and fluffy new ones. To add further luxury, get them monogrammed.

Add Some Rose

Stainless steel is very common in bathrooms. It’s shiny and easy to clean. But, it also picks up watermarks and looks dirty easily. Add some rose gold, copper or brass for a luxurious and alternative look. Brass and rose fittings such as taps, and piping can give your bathroom a retro feel.

Add Some Fun

You can accessorize your bathroom just like any other room in your house. Add a fun cushion or cover to your chair, find fun knobs and handles for your cupboards, shop for exciting toilet roll holders and brushes and add an interesting light fitting.

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