Making Your House Feel Homey

Sometimes our homes can become tired and in need of some updating. There are a few small changes that you can make to get your house feeling like a home again. We have listed below a few small changes that you can make to your home below, take a look and follow these steps and your house will start to feel cozy and homely in no time.

Decorate Bare Walls With Artwork

Hanging artwork can instantly bring personality into a room, If you have a bare wall that looks uninspired or lonely then adding a colorful piece of artwork in its place can really brighten your room. If artwork isn’t your thing, then dig out the old photo album and frame some family photos and create a collage wall. There is a lot of inspiration on sites like House Beautiful that can help you hang your photos or artwork in a way they look good to the naked eye without making it look cluttered.

Brighten Up A Room With Flowers and Plants

Any room can be made brighter by adding some colorful flowers. Having flowers on display can instantly change the aesthetic of the room. For a more permanent change think about adding indoor plants throughout, this not only brings some natural green into the home but also helps purify the air. Indoor plants such as cactuses, Bonsai Trees or swiss cheese plants are all great variations.


Having a cluttered home can leave you feeling unmotivated and in a constant stress knowing the clutter is there. Take a day or two to tackle the clutter and give your home a ‘spring clean’. Donate to charity or recycle all your old unwanted items and find a place for all your loved belongings. If you are finding it hard to find space for your possessions there are many storage hacks ideas out there that you could try. Once your home is decluttered, clean and tidy you will start to love your home again.

Add Color With Interior Décor

You can make your home immediately cozy by adding cushions and throws to your décor, but before you go out and just buy the first cushion set you see, you should consider a color scheme. When choosing a color scheme we think it is always a great idea to go for seasonal colors that you can swap over as the year goes on, for example for Autumn and Winter colors you should choose browns, oranges to blues and for Spring or Summer colors such as yellows, greens and pinks are always a good choice. Once you have chosen your colors add them into your living and bedroom spaces and get cozy.

We think that these tips are great inexpensive ways to make your house feel homely like it once did. If you’re up for a bit more TLC then you should consider freshening up your walls with a new lick of paint or swapping over the old worn out carpet for something new. Now go and make your house feel homely.

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