Metal Detecting Like One of the Most Exciting Outdoor Hobby for your Kids

Children usually do not like the hobbies that adults are addicted to. However, they like to spend time outside and with their parents. If you want to engage your children to some new activities, you can share your hobby with them. Children will be excited about hunting the treasure.

For sure, your kids cannot use a professional metal detector. It is too big and too heavy for them. That’s why you will need to check special metal detectors for kids. As you want your kid to have fun and enjoy the process, the device should be of high quality. We recommend checking the best kids metal detector rating before buying it for your children.


How to choose a metal detector for kids

You should remember to check the following criteria on the box:

  • what is the recommended age
  • what is the recommended height
  • what risks are involved if the first two criteria do not match your kid’s age and height

Secondly, you should think about if your kid wants to do something similar to your hobby and just need to have a toy or if your kid is excited about it and for sure will extend the usage of the metal detector for a long period of time.

The good metal detector for kids should be simple in usage, as the children do not want to use some complicated devices. Also, the price should be fair enough, and this is the most important thing for parents. You should always remember that your children might leave this hobby pretty fast, that is also happening to adults. The metal detector for kids should also be possible to locate real things, as, without successful findings, the children will definitely get bored and forget about the hobby.

There are metal detectors for younger children (4-9 years old) and also for children who are 10+ years old.

Best locations for metal detection with kids

The best way is to start in your backyard. You both can try the device, see how it works, and get used to it. Also, learn how to recognize the sound. It will be even great to bury some metal items in advance and let the kid locate them.

After such training, you both will be ready to go to public places. Some parks or beaches are great places for young detectorist because some toy or lost mobile phone can be found there. Children are more interested in such things than in some ancient coins. Also, parks and beaches are great because children cannot be focused on one activity for a long time. So they need to distract a bit and play or swim. So the metal detecting will not be boring for them.

That is why we do not recommend to take your kid for the whole day search. It depends on your children activity; however, most of them are getting tired quickly and cannot be concentrated on the one thing all day long. So after the whole day searches your kid might get bored with metal detecting and will never want to try it again, Probably, that is not the aim you are trying to achieve.

While your children are metal detecting, you should always be next to them. You should watch the process and all their movements for their safety. Children can make danger out of any object they have at their hands; that is why you should be walking next to them. As you can see, it will not be possible to enjoy it together – each with his own device. If you are going to teach your children metal detecting, be sure that you can pay a lot of attention to it and always be near to help them.

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