Most Significant Things You Shouldn’t Do To Prevent Your Drains From Blocking

Every homeowner will face a blocked drain or pipe at some point and usually at the most hosting a barbecue or party and sometimes when you’re on your way to work.

There are a lot of preventative methods that you can do on a regular basis to avoid your drains from clogging. These are the most significant things that you shouldn’t do to maintain your pipes from staying clog-free.

  1.    Never Dispose Of Food Items In The Sink

Even small particles, for instance, rice grains, should not be dumped down the sink, as they are one of the leading causes for clogging up a drain. Make sure you get rid of all food waste in the bin before doing the dishes. Even when loading the dishwasher, don’t leave any food particles on the plates.

  1.    Avoid Pouring Greasy Substances Down The Sink

The best method of getting rid of grease is by allowing it to cool and then dispose of it in the garbage. When grease cools, it hardens into solid lumps that can result in a blockage.

  1.    Don’t Get Rid Of Coffee Grounds By Throwing It In The Sink

Instead of dumping them directly into the sink, you can use them as compost by putting them in the compost bin or get rid of them by throwing them in the garbage bin.

  1.    Avoid Using Too Much Washing Detergent

A lot of blocked drains Sydney are caused when people are using an excess of washing detergent that hardens and end up blocking the drain.

  1.    Don’t Remove Your Sink Strainers

A sink strainer’s sole purpose is to catch pieces of food waste and not allowing them to pass down the drain. Removing them is defeating the purpose of why they are there in the first place.

  1.    Never Flush Nappies, Paper Towels Or Baby Wipes Down The Toilet

You’ll always see warning signs in public restrooms and even on the product packaging that warns you not to flush these items down the toilet. They end up sticking to the side of the pipes and eventually block the drain once they’ve accumulated. Nappies especially are a considerable contribution to blocked drains as they expand rapidly when they get wet and result in blocking anything solid.

  1.    Avoid Planting Shrubs Or Trees In The Vicinity Of Your Drainage System

One of the most significant contributions to blocked drains at residential properties are the roots of shrubs and trees that are planted in too close a proximity of the drainage system. The roots will grow bigger with time and end up damaging the pipes, causing them to split and break. Trees must be planted at least twenty-five meters away to prevent damages to the sewage system and result in costly drain repairs. It is advisable to check the system every few years to make sure that it is free from any potential hazards that may cause the drains or pipes to clog up while ensuring that the system is in a perfect working condition.

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