Moving Day Madness: 5 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

Moving Day Madness 5 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

Moving house is never fun. Sure, there is the promise of a new start – a fresh home environment that gives you a new setting for living your life – but it’s also hard work! The packing, the loading of boxes, organizing various moving companies you can actually rely on, and then unpacking and trying to make a new life in a new home. How can you reduce the stress load and make the move a little easier? Here are five tips to take the stress out of moving house:

1. Toss Out Your Old And Used Items

Household goods also reach the end of their lives and then need to be replaced. When you pack up your house to move, it’s a great opportunity to get rid of some of the items that are looking a little worse for wear. Browse for cookware sets on sale and pick up other household items while you’re at it. Have them delivered to your new house, and you’ll save yourself a lot of work, space, and packing time. Plus, having a few brand new items gives new meaning to your fresh new start in a new house. 

2. Pack Your Kitchen Items First

Your kitchen items should be your first priority when you’re packing. Clearly label any boxes that contain kitchen items, and do the same for any food, coffee beans, alcohol, and other delicate goods you intend to bring with you. 

When moving day arrives, move your kitchenware yourself. Take it straight from the old kitchen to the new kitchen and unpack it. That way, nothing will go to waste, and you won’t have to rely on fast food (unless you want to). It’s so beneficial to have access to proper nutrition and home-cooked meals before you unpack your decor items, so make it easy to do. 

3. Pack Your Bathroom Goodies Second

The next item to prioritize if you want a less stressful move, is your bathroom goods. You’ll want a shower with shampoo, soap, and other personal care products without having to sift through boxes to find what you need. By packing in such a way that nothing goes missing, you can also save yourself the time and energy of running to the store for a new face cloth or razor when you can’t find yours. Keep your bathroom supplies together, close at hand, and move them from your old bathroom straight into your new bathroom. 

4. Pack Your Clothes Last

Clothes don’t necessarily need to be packed if you’re doing a small local move – they can simply be transported from your old wardrobe to the new one, generally, the day before you’re due to spend your first night in the new house. For most people, boxing clothes hanger-and-all is the easiest way to do it. For others, packing and folding into suitcases makes more sense. 

5. Label Your Boxes

Label boxes with a sharpie, printed labels, or by numbering them. Whatever you choose to do, mark your boxes so that you know what you are packing and moving at each stage of the process. As the boxes arrive at your new house, you will be able to put them in the relevant room. For example, a box labeled with “lounge decor” can be moved to the lounge from the start. This keeps the unpacking stage relatively straightforward and less chaotic.  

Remember To Breathe

Take a deep breath, and remember that moving feels overwhelming, but it’s temporary. Once the move is complete, you can enjoy the fresh start you’ve created for yourself. 

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