Must-Have Security Systems to Theft-Proof Your Home

Must-Have Security Systems to Theft-Proof Your Home

Did you know that only 29.6% of Australian homes have working security systems installed? As the population of our country grows, an increase in crime rate is sure to follow, and so homeowners should ensure to provide their homes with the adequate level of protection necessary. Doing so will be sure to reap a number of benefits in the long term. Read on to discover some of the must-have security systems to theft-proof your home today!

Security Door and Security Screens System

Visual deterrents are great against burglars, but when you really need something to deliver in providing your household with the right level of physical security, then implementing a security door and security screens system is sure to provide. Security screens are made out of durable, premium grade materials that are applied over your bare glass windows in order to provide them with extra protection. In addition to this, when you hire the best security doors installer in Perth to provide your security door, you can expect it to strongly fortify this vulnerable main entry point of your home, whilst also promising to remain standing functional on your property for many more years to come.

You should know that security doors and screens are also manufactured to meet strict Australian Standards AS5039-2008, which require a number of forced entry tests to be applied which simulate knife attacks, lever attacks and forceful impacts, among others. Needless to say, installing security doors and screens to your property is sure to provide successful in theft-proofing your home and ensuring peace of mind for your family.

Alarm System

An undeniable must-have for Australian homes, alarm systems are guaranteed to provide your home with protection. These are especially useful if you and your family regularly embark on long vacations to far away destinations; even more so if your alarm system can be monitored via your phone. Of course, having your alarm system monitored by a third party is also a considerable option. In this way, whenever your alarm gets triggered whilst you’re not at home, help will be able to be dispatched to your premises right away. Moreover, you can bet that the blaring sound of a triggered alarm system would be enough to turn a thief away from their home burglary attempt immediately.

CCTV System

CCTV systems are a deterrent in themselves, however they also allow you to monitor what goes on around your property 24/7. As with most other technical security systems nowadays, CCTV systems can also be monitored via your smartphone, so that you will be able to keep tabs on your household no matter where you are. Naturally, if you do ever happen to become the unfortunate victim of a break in, you will also have video footage evidence of the perpetrators that you can use against them in court. These must-have security systems are sure to provide the ultimate effectiveness in securing your home.

Security Gate System

Security gates prove as yet another obstacle a burglar would have to overcome in order to gain access to your property, in addition to all other security products and measures you already have implemented. Of course, burglars generally want to target a home that promises a clear and easy escape route if something is to go wrong throughout their operation. In this way, burglars can minimise the risks of having themselves identified or being caught. Moreover, a security gate may very well be enough to deter burglars from wanting to target your property altogether.

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