Need-to-Know: A McAfee Internet Security 2020 Coverage


We all know that McAfee Antivirus is one of the top brands of antivirus software in the market, which reached its climax in the late ’90s and was known to be the most abled antivirus software there is. The Intel Security Group presently owns McAfee. Even today, the products of McAfee Antivirus are still in its top shape for almost 30 years.

Need-to-Know A McAfee Internet Security 2020 Coverage

We all know, and we can’t deny that this antivirus software still has a lot to offer for us in protecting our devices. But you got to have to ask yourself these questions, what can this antivirus software do for you? Should you just give it a try, and see whether it gives you the ample protection your computer needs?

In this article, we made a McAfee internet security review to give you an outlook on what this antivirus software has to offer for you and all your computer protection needs. You better read on if you want to know more about their brand new product.

Why McAfee Internet Security?

McAfee, as we all know, is packed with amazing features, from being able to safely store passwords to permanent deletion of personal files. If we are talking about its basic functions, McAfee antivirus’ products continue to acquire great scores with comparative organizations.

In a test conducted from AV-TEST, the most recent product of McAfee found 98.1% of new vulnerability samples and 99.9% of the existing malware. In contrast, the average in the industry is only at 97% and 99% in the order given.

The base product can be considered as a climax to several different products in the range of McAfee, pulling features from various security solutions that they offer in their other packages. The best about this is that it is capable of protecting all of the devices you own by using the same subscription with no added cost.


Privacy Page

All the new features can be seen in the McAfee Internet Security Privacy page. If you opt to manage your passwords, you’ll find out that it will launch the default browser and give you an offer to download the True Key browser extension.

Spam Levels System

One amazing feature about McAfee Internet Security is that it offers a spam filtering system, and users should choose to put the protection level at the default balanced level.

Parental Content Filter

This feature creates a default list of allowed and blocked websites based on your child’s age. You can just use the arrows if you want to move a category from a list to another.

Parental Time Scheduling

McAfee Internet Security gives parents the power to limit their children’s access to the internet to set times.

True Key Password Manager

When you choose to subscribe to McAfee Internet Security, you will get a True Key Password manager, and with this, you will have the power to sync other profiles to an unlimited number of devices.

Spyware Removal

Malicious spyware can be quite troublesome as it secretly records everything that you do on your computer. Its main goal is usually to acquire your passwords, any sensitive data, bank information, and credit card details. With the help of McAfee Internet Security, you will be assured that you are safe from any spyware in your computer.

Things to Know About McAfee

McAfee, LLC, which was previously called McAfee Associates, Inc from 1987-2014, and was changed again in 2014-2017 to Intel Security Group. They are an American computer security software company which is based in Santa Clara, California. Their claim to be the best in the world as a technology security company is backed-up by their well known and functional products.


McAfee Internet Security gives you everything you have paid for with the best features, firewall, antispam, parental control, firewall, etc. If you have a lot of devices that need to be protected, this should be your antivirus software. It protects all kinds of computers from cyber assaults and defends your computer from any malicious viruses.

Overall, this antivirus software will surely provide you with the best web protection, parental control, and protection of private and sensitive information. For its reasonable price, McAfee Internet Security is surely worth it. If you want to know more about this, you can just see for yourself, and make this as your antivirus software.

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