Newbie Networking – How A Coworking Space Can Lead To More Business Connections In Hong Kong

The popularity of coworking space in Hong Kong is something that you are sure to have noticed if you are part of a startup or are an entrepreneur in the city. The bustling business districts of the city are filled with motivated entrepreneurs who are seeking to make connections and establish themselves in the community. Knowing how best to emerge as a success in Hong Kong takes time and patience but coworking space can provide many benefits to help you along the way.

One of the lesser-known benefits of coworking spaces, in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world, is the opportunities that they present for effective networking. As most people involved with an SME are aware, networking is essential for breaking into new markets and expanding your business. Especially if you are new to the Hong Kong business environment, you must leverage all the tools at your disposal to network efficiently.

To this end, let’s look at some specific ways in which a coworking space can lead to more business connections in Hong Kong.

Establish Close Connections

The shared working environment of a coworking space naturally lends itself to organic networking. Working alongside other motivated entrepreneurs can foster friendships and working collaborations that may open many doors for your business.

Try to maximize the use of your downtime in the lounge spaces over coffee or lunch to get to know your colleagues better. During the workday, you can also offer to trade your skills with other colleagues who are experts in their own unique industries. This can lead to fruitful partnerships and the potential for introductions to key people in your field.

Keep International Contacts Close

Networking effectively takes constant connectivity, even across international borders. While you will want to establish local connections in Hong Kong itself, staying in touch with leads and clients from abroad is equally important.

Coworking spaces from premium providers, come complete with all the contemporary technology you need to stay connected. This includes access to high-speed internet connections, fax machines, and even IT support when you need it. These tools can help you to always be online to never miss a business opportunity, no matter where you are.

Make The Most Of Community Events

One of the great things about choosing an established coworking provider to meet your office space needs is the opportunity to participate in a community of tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs. Find a coworking provider who has such a client list and one who puts on regular community events for its members.

Take advantage of these events to make new connections and get to know your colleagues outside of the context of work. Not only will this help you to take your work-life balance seriously, but it can also lead to many doors opening for your business.

Maintain Your Passion And Motivation

Working with people who care about what they are doing and who are driven to succeed can have a dramatic impact on your own work, and your ability to foster meaningful connections. While you will be inspired by the passion of others in your coworking space, be sure to put out a positive attitude for your colleagues to emulate. This will endear people to your business and make people interested in what you are doing.

Networking Nuances

It can be difficult or even painful for many entrepreneurs to spend their valuable time networking. Make the process easier and more organic by using a coworking space for this task. You will be making connections in Hong Kong before you know it.


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