Only Rural Homeowners Will Know These Struggles

Only Rural Homeowners Will Know These Struggles

There are lots of benefits to owning a home in a rural area. You’ll have more space, the peace and quiet is serene, and homes tend to be larger too. On top of that, buying a home in the country can be a lot cheaper compared to your typical city haunt. It’s also said to be a far less stressful way of life. Psychologically, time will even seem to be slower when you live out away from the city. This isn’t surprising as you are less likely to be around all the modern technology that kicks our perception of time passing into overdrive. It’s why Christmas constantly feels like it’s only days away.

But for all the benefits of living in the country, there are a few struggles that you just don’t have to deal with in the city. Indeed, it’s likely that only rural home dwellers will know of these issues and struggles. Luckily, we have the best solutions.

A Garden Too Big To Garden

If you have moved to the country recently, you might have loved the idea of buying a home with more land than you knew what to do with. You may even own land on the other side of the road from your property. We’re talking about great, grassy verges where the kids can play, and you can grow as many plants as you wish. The problem, of course, is that this means the garden can be a nightmare to maintain. If you’re not much of a gardener, it can make you dread the spring and summer months. It can also turn these areas into bigger issues through the winter and fall, but we’ll look at that further down.

The good news is that there are options to make gardening easier if you have a large amount of land. For instance, you can get a rideable garden mower. While this might seem like a waste of money if your yard is ten by ten, it certainly won’t be if it’s fifty by one hundred! You’ll be able to mow the lawn in minutes, and some people even find it quite fun.

Alternatively, you can think about hiring a gardener. While this will cost money, it can be useful if you want to make sure that your yard looks beautiful, bright and well cared for all year round without putting in a lot of effort.

The Problem With Bugs And Beasts

While animals and insects entering your home is an issue that every homeowner may have to face, it’s true to say that the problem is far more common for people who are living out in the country. There will be far more animals and insects around your home and when the winter weather hits many will be looking for shelter from the cold. Also, places like the attic are a great area for birds to nest and bats to hang. Bats are a problem as they can carry disease and be quite aggressive if disturbed.

Removing a bat from your home can be tricky. However, there are experts available who can complete this job for you. When bats have been removed from the building, you may need to complete some cleaning. You can probably expect there to be quite a lot of mess up there.

Of course, a more important issue to consider is how they entered your home in the first place. This is why it’s important to check your attic regularly to see if any natural light is creeping in through holes in the roof. Don’t forget, as well as being an entry point for birds and beasts a hole like this can lead to an issue with damp in your property. This can lead to mold and ultimately a massively expensive problem to repair.

As for insects, you need to think about tackling the cracks and crevices in your home. You can fill these in or simply spray bug and insect repellent around these areas. If you have pets make sure to check that this won’t harm them first as you never know what a dog or cat could lick up hoping it’s a treat.

You can also find that rodents wander in from the fields. These little creatures are often attracted to food particles left on the floor. Even leaving food out in the garden for birds can bring the wrong type of visitors to your home. Thankfully, if you are already having issues with mice and other rodents, there are humane ways to get rid of them quickly.

Tut, Tut, Looks Like Rain

Rain isn’t a massive problem in the city. It might dampen your mood for the day, but it won’t usually impact your home. In rural areas, however, rainwater can build up fast, particularly, if you have a high soil density. It can quickly make that large lush garden look like a soggy lake that is overflowing onto your patio. If water builds up underneath the ground, it can even push again the foundations of your home and cause issues with damp in the basement.

You can fix this by speaking to a landscaper. They will help ensure that you have a permeable layer underneath the ground on your property. This can help make sure that water doesn’t build up and cause damage.


Yes, isolation can be an issue in the country, particularly if bad weather keeps you inside your home. As well as this, it’s possible that the area you’ve chosen to live doesn’t yet have fast internet and that can make you feel even more detached from society. However, the good news is that rural areas are often tightly knitted communities. Once you start exploring and getting involved in the community, you’ll discover that people are very welcoming. As such, you won’t miss the city much at all and instead will form close bonds with other people who have chosen to live somewhere a little quieter and more laid back.

Have you experienced these issues living in a rural home? Or do you love everything about your countryside location?

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