Outdoor Living Room Concepts That Totally Rock

Outdoor Living Room Concepts That Totally Rock

Outdoor living has become something of a national obsession. Gardens are no longer places we go to smell the roses. Instead, they’re a living, breathing and active part of the home. In this post, we take a look at some outdoor living room concepts that totally rock and how you can implement them. Check them out below:

Control The Rain

Don’t leave your outdoor living space uncovered. You never know when the heavens might open. Instead, provide some sort of shelter, even if it seems basic.

Most luxury homes, for instance, have at least one covered patio. You can use a pergola, use a makeshift green roof, or even add a glass box enclosure. Whichever option you choose, make it feel like you are still outside.

Impress With Tiles

While paving slabs and gravel are a tried-and-tested outdoor flooring option, you can go for tile as well. This way, your outdoor living areas will feel chic, and you won’t have to worry so much about cleaning up kids’ spills and dog mess. It’ll all sweep away easily.

Outdoor Living Room Concepts That Totally Rock

Add A Fan

During the summer, temperatures rise, and even being outdoors can start to feel a little uncomfortable. What’s more, many garden roof structures have a habit of retaining heat, making sitting under them feel a little uncomfortable. Obviously, air conditioning won’t work outside, but you can install a fan to push hot air out and draw in cooler air. These systems tend to work best in outdoor spaces that are more enclosed. Plus, having a fan will discourage insects, such as mosquitoes, from invading your space.

Don’t Fight Nature

If there’s a big tree growing right where you want to build your new decking, don’t cut it down. Instead, include it in the design. Nature can actually add to the magic of the space and make your outdoor living areas feel less contrived. You also get a nice contrast between the natural and the modern.

Switch Up Your Materials

Don’t feel like you have to make your outdoor spaces all matchy-matchy, like your interiors. Instead, play around with different materials and give the space some texture. For instance, you could mix metals and woods or linens with Renaissance artwork. You’ll notice that fusions instantly make the space feel more sophisticated and luxurious.

Outdoor Living Room Concepts That Totally Rock

Make It Just As Comfortable As Your Interiors

Your outdoor living space might look beautiful, but if you have to sit on wrought iron chairs, it won’t be particularly comfortable. In fact, after five minutes, you might wish you were back inside.

Fortunately, when it comes to outdoor living, you don’t need to skimp on comfort. Today there are numerous brands selling furniture for gardens that are nearly as comfortable as the sofas in your home. Special plastic and nylon weaves replace springs in conventional sofas, while waterproof cushions substitute for downy pillows.

Make It Long

Lastly, it can be a good idea to extend your outdoor living space right to the back of your garden. This gives you more space and gives the outdoor living area a sense of flow.

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