Outstanding Yacht Boatyards: Luxury Superyacht Sailing

Outstanding Yacht Boatyards: Luxury Superyacht Sailing

If you are seriously looking at buying Yachts for sale, you are most definitely in the minority and if you have that kind of money, why not enjoy the sheer luxury of your very own floating palace? You certainly can’t take it with you and there are some stunning superyachts out there, built by the very best boatyards in the world. Here is our list of top superyacht boatyards that have created the very best in luxurious floating travel.

Sanlorenzo S.p.a

This is a prestigious Italian luxury superyacht builder that specializes in 24-70m superyachts; based in Ameglia in the province of La Spezia, this company was founded in 1958 by Gianfranco Cecchi and Guiliano Peccia and the company was taken over by Giovanni Jannetti in 1972. In 1985, they launched their first fiberglass yacht, namely the SL 57, while in 1995, they entered the superyacht division with the launch of the SL 100. If you search online, you will find yacht brokers with new Sanlorenzo yachts for sale, plus they have a selection of used Sanlorenzo vessels that come with a full history.

Feadship, Netherlands

Officially the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, this is a prestigious shipbuilder that specializes in custom superyachts. Some of the stunning vessels they have made include Symphony, Royal Romance, Musashi, and Fountainhead, all of which are over 70m vessels that are classed as superyachts.  Click here for 8 essential travel tips for preparing you to have the best trip.

Heesen Yachts, Netherlands

Another Dutch boatbuilder with a great reputation for building customized superyachts, mainly using aluminum hulls. Started in 1978, the company has produced more than 170 superyachts, many of which have won design awards, with particular attention to detail. In 2019, they started a big venture called Project Cosmos, which aims to hit a speed of 30 knots, with a cruising speed of at least 20 knots. The all-aluminum hull is both strong and light, enabling faster speeds, while it also incorporates Rolls Royce’s Promas system that has the rudder and propeller integrated into a single unit.

Lurssen Yachts, Germany

This shipyard was founded in 1875 and has an impressive record of building over 13,000 vessels, specializing in yachts from 60-200m, with Azzam being one of their stunning creations, a yacht of some 180m in length. This beautiful superyacht was completed in only 3 years, which was a record at that time, and in 2016, they launched the Dilbar, a 156m superyacht with a width of 23m, which is the biggest overall superyacht in the world.

Oceano, Netherlands

This shipyard focuses on yachts in the 80-140m class and was founded in 1987, with a total of 29 custom-built superyachts under their belt and there are a few 100m+ superyachts currently under construction. Their best designs include the Seven Seas at 86.1m, Nirvana at 88.5m, and the Black Pearl, a gigantic 106m, with quite a few projects currently ongoing.

If you are looking to acquire a superyacht from one of the above builders, search with Google for premier yacht brokers and you can view a selection of new and used superyachts, all ready for inspection.


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