Overview of Different Types of Women’s Workout to Stay Fit and Healthy

women's workout using a yoga mat

It is not only men who need to stay fit, healthy, and have a physique with toned muscles women too need to be as fit and healthy as men. There are lots of different types of women’s workout ideas for exercises you can do. It can be intensive, low impact, and even weight lifting! You can also check the benefits of running from Train For 5k.

It’s good to check your BMI with a calculator such as the Lean body mass calculator. This will help understand where your starting point is to create goals for where you want your exercise to take you.

However, you must make sure of two specific things before you indulge in it, which will help you to achieve results as desired.

  • One, never do anything on your own or overdo any type of exercise and
  • Two, never skip the warming up session.

An effective warmup routine should include specific movements like:

  • A minute of knee lifts
  • Ten knee bends
  • A minute of heel digs
  • Couple of sets of shoulder rolls for each arm for ten times at least
  • Twenty head rotations and
  • Ten hip rotations.

Warming up is essential for everyone before committing to any type of workout. This is because it will help in improving flexibility and mobility. Most importantly, it will reduce the risk of any injuries, wear, and tear of muscles. Warming up actually stretches the muscles increasing the fiber elasticity.

Effective 5-day women’s workout

If you want to have a perfectly toned muscle and a great body, then you should try this specific weight resistance training schedule for five days a week. Total Shape offers you a variety of workout ideas you can pick from. This will help you to build those areas that most women want to shape up well, such as:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Shoulders and
  • Glutes.

Apart from these specific areas, these specific training models will also help you to build up your entire body and promote strength. Focusing on the upper and lower split mainly, the 5-day workout is planned as follows:

  • Day one focuses on legs and shoulders
  • Day two focuses on the upper body
  • Day three is primarily glute focused
  • Day four focuses on the upper body again and
  • Day five focuses on leg workout to wrap up.

This program does not include any cardio which you can do in addition to this. It also does not include any abdominal training because this will come automatically along with proper nutrition approaches.

Total-body workout

There is also a couple of full-body women’s workout plans. These are quick and easy to perform. All you have to ensure is that you do at least three sets of each and move between each session as fast as possible to ensure you burn your calories to the maximum. For best results, you can also include a few sets of cardio between the intervals. You can also do it separately if you wish to do it for a longer time.

  • When you do, make sure that you target a specific area to strengthen. Pick the best exercises that work best for these areas and include these in your regular existing workout routine.
  • Also, make sure that you continue to challenge your body as you get stronger but do it gradually when you increase in the weight or the number of reps.

The exercise to include is deadlifts. This will work well for the back of your body, hamstrings, and your glutes. Deadlifts will also work with several muscles at once. This means that it will save a lot of time as you will not have to perform, and single isolation moves.

Choose short women’s workout ideas

If you do not have much time on you to devote to your exercise routines or are a beginner, you can also choose quick women’s workout ideas that will be equally good as a long full-body workout. Before you begin, make sure you have a proper pair of shoes that can protect you against the common injuries associated with these kinds of exercises. You can check out ShoeAdviser site to help you choose the right footwear for your workout. This type of workouts will take as little as 15 minutes, the bare minimum that you should devote to your body if you want to be fit, fine, healthy, and look good. These include:

  • Squat to overhead press
  • Plank row on knees
  • Lateral squat with curl
  • Standing low to high
  • Leg drop with dumbbell above the chest.

All these must be done correctly, and any errors may cause adverse effects. The best way to ensure that you do it correctly is to do it under the supervision of a qualified physical trainer. Look for useful tips and advice from experts and on sites such as Babeappeal.com or others.

New exercises to try

There are also a few new exercises for women that you can try out, which will also make you look lean and thin, fit, and healthy.

One such as mountain climber with your hands on a Swiss ball. This exercise is good for the abs. It is the simplest form of exercise that will most effectively tighten your stomach without you needing to move a muscle.

  • Hip raise is another type of new exercise that is effective for the glutes. This will target the muscles of the rear end and make your belly flatter.
  • If you want to develop your quadriceps, you can try out an offset dumbbell lunge. This will help your abs and hips to work harder and improve your balance as well as burn lots of calories when you hold the weight on one side of your body.

Other exercises that you should try out includes:

  • Single-leg dumbbell straight-leg deadlift
  • Single-arm dumbbell chest press
  • Scaption and shrug
  • Swiss ball lying triceps extension
  • Split stance dumbbell curl and
  • Swiss ball L raise.

All these exercises will increase the pressure on your core to keep the body stable.

Create a workout plan

Now matter which women’s workout ideas you choose,  you must follow a specific routine to get a perfectly toned and robust set of muscles. For this, you will need to create a proper workout plan. It should include:

  • Weight training to put an extra emphasis on your lower body
  • Cardio exercise to improve oxygen flow to muscles
  • A rep-range and
  • Rest time between two sets.
  • Include a recommended protein powder for women to help curb appetite and build muscle.

Ideally, all workouts should be for five days and two days’ rest in a week.

  • Keep Monday for legs and butt
  • Tuesday for upper body
  • Wednesday for LISS cardio and core
  • Thursday for legs only and
  • Friday for HIIT cardio and upper body.

This will ensure fitness and will not affect your health, giving you enough time to recover.

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