Packing Tips for Vacationing in Maui with Your Little One

Vacationing with a baby or toddler may feel you need to take everything with you, but really what to pack for Hawaii with baby can be simpler when you plan.

When you are traveling to Maui with a little one, toddlers or babies alike, there is a lot to think about, like what to pack for Hawaii with baby. With small kids, there are so many things to tag along, i.e., car seat, toys, crib, highchair, monitors, stroller, monitor, etc., you’ll start feeling like a pack horse. Here are some useful suggestions on what you need to take with and what to rent:


If you’re renting a vacation unit in Maui, it is highly recommended to check for one that has a laundry machine and pack the minimal since you won’t be needing a ton of clothing. You’ll be spending most of the time in a bathing suit, shorts, and tank top on the beach. For your little one and yourself, you can pack a few bathing suits (sun-protective and with long sleeves), shorts, tank tops, PJs, leggings, and a sweater. The weather in Maui is very humid; therefore, you won’t be necessitating jeans or too many warm clothing pieces. Given that you’ll be packing light, its worth it to get high-quality pieces, such as organic baby products and well-made bathing suits for both yourself and your little one.


If you’re renting a beach house or a condo, check to see if they have a crib available, or you can consider renting one since there are baby rental places that offer baby rental equipment on Maui, so it’s not necessary to bring one. Most hotels have a crib available on request. If there isn’t one and you prefer bringing your own, you can always buy a travel Pack N Play.


You can check if your rental already has one at the hotel, or you can consider renting one.

Stroller and car seat

It is best to bring yours along and check it in with your luggage at the Airport. Car seats are pricey to rent in Maui, as for a stroller, the best option would be to rent on at a baby rental place since you don’t want to bring too many items along on the plane.


You can spare some room in your suitcase and only pack the quantity you’ll be needing for the flight in the diaper bag. You can buy nappies at the Walmart located at the Airport You can also purchase swim diapers there.

Baby Monitor

Our recommendation is to bring your own if you think you’ll need it. If you are renting a cottage, it may be a necessary part of what to pack for Hawaii with baby. But, if you are in a hotel, it’s not recommend to leave a child unattended in a room alone. Distance, radio interference from other devices, and other factors make it a dangerous idea to leave a child alone in a hotel room more than a few feet from you.

Beach Umbrella/Toys/Chairs

All these items can be rented, and most vacation rentals already have them, so make sure before renting them. These are items that you’ll be using every day when at the beach, so if you are going for two or three weeks and the vacation rental don’t have them, it may be a good idea to either rent them or purchase them from Costco at reasonable prices.

Snorkel Equipment

It’s best not to pack snorkel gear and save room in your suitcase for other items. You can purchase them from Walmart or Costco in Maui if you are planning on going snorkeling during your holiday. It is not expensive to buy, and you’ll even pay less if you’re renting it. A rental is an ideal option if you’re not planning on going snorkeling too much.


The best thing you can do when wondering what to pack for Hawaii with baby, is make a list, based on your planned amount of days and activities for your Hawaii vacation. Follow this list for advice and ideas. Talk to your hotel or travel agent about making accommodations and location of stores or rental suppliers. Then you’ll be well prepared to enjoy your vacation with your little one.

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