Paris Bucket List: Best Things To Do In Paris

Paris Bucket List: Best Things To Do In Paris

There is so much to do in Paris that it is possible to get lost. But there is no problem – getting lost in the city is even more enjoyable than filling the appointment schedule. So in this article, I have handpicked some of the best things I have personally experienced during my visit to Paris. I avoided taking public transport because they are mostly crowded and don’t give you actual comfort while traveling. So once I boarded at the airport, I booked a Paris airport transfer and visited all my places which I had on my checklist with much comfort.

Don’t forget that if you are from another country and planning a drive in France then you need to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Climb the Arc de Triomphe and watch the sunset from there

This is much fun, actually. You need to climb around 300 steps to reach the Arc de Triomphe top. People over 60 and their companions can take the elevator. I recommend you to use the underground access to reach the Arc de Triomphe – because it is crazy to try to cross with cars’ constant movement. Also, you can buy your ticket here to avoid the giant queues.

Go to the Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum does not have an overnight visit, but it shouldn’t be out of your itinerary when you plan to visit Paris. The works are displayed in the charming Rococo palace of the Hotel Biron and its gardens. It’s my favorite museum in the city. You won’t regret visiting this place.

Watch the Eiffel Tower light up

The tower lights up at the same time as the city lights. And since Paris gets dark at different times throughout the year, there is no specific time. In the winter it is close to 17h and in the summer, close to 22h. So the ideal is to arrive a little before nightfall according to the time of year you are traveling there. Many consider the tower to be more beautiful at night than by day.

But be smart with pickpockets; there are many in the way of those who go to the tower. If you see some group of people standing around doing nothing, you can be sure they are there to take advantage of tourists. So be very careful.

Free walking tour

This is the most efficient way to be introduced to a city where you have never been. The tour cannot be complete as it is difficult to get to know everything on foot, but it does give an overview to visit the main sights and to know better what to do in Paris on the other days of travel. It also helps you find out how to get around the city. The guides usually have good communication, fun stories, curiosities and tips that only the locals know. Of course, the time and disposition have a value so consider paying for this service with a tip (since the tour is free).

Visit the catacombs

The catacombs are interesting and a different program to do in Paris. They used to be a mine with several underground tunnels around the city. When the cemeteries in Paris started to fill up, the city started to transfer the remains to the catacombs. So there you will find bones and skulls – everything that has become a great museum. Buy your advance tickets here to avoid queues.

Stroll and sit quietly in the Luxembourg garden

Do you like to sit in a quiet place and relax for some time, then you must not miss visiting the Luxembourg Gardens, which is one of the most popular places for Parisians and tourists? There you will find a well-deserved resting place after touring the entire city. It has several statues and sculptures installed in the gardens and is full of metal chairs where you can enjoy the tranquility and even meditate for some time.

Night bike tour of Paris

Paris is a safe city for cyclists, with more than 700 kilometers of cycle paths – exclusive or shared. At night the traffic is less intense, the monuments are all lit up, and the streets are empty. You have a view of the city from a privileged angle and can access prohibited places for cars. The pure feeling of freedom and being part of Paris. To rent a bike, you can use the Vélib system, located in different parts of the city, located 300 meters from each other.

Cluny Museum

Museum dedicated to the preservation of a rich collection of medieval art. A different museum to put on the list of things to do in Paris. It gathers works from Antiquity and the beginning of the Middle Ages, Romanesque World, Tapestries, Fabrics, Embroidery, Gothic Sculptures, Paintings, Miniatures, Ivory, Stained Glass, Jewelry from other Paris Museums. It is installed in two adjacent historic buildings. These buildings are the only ones from the time when the Roman Empire controlled this region: the  Gallo-Roman Baths  (1st-3rd century AD) and the residential wing of the monks of Cluny (15th century) called  Hôtel de Cluny.

Boat trip on the River Seine

Never miss the boat trip on the river Seine. I think it is super worth doing it at least once in my life. It is so beautiful to sail around Rio while seeing the beautiful Parisian buildings, passing by the Eiffel Tower, D’orsay, etc.

There are two tour options:

Day trip on the River Seine: The most practical and most pleasant option is the one where you can go disembarking and embark again when you want at different points you want and for two days. There are eight stopping points. It is at any of these points as well that you can arrive with your ticket and embark. This is another delightful way to explore the city!

Sunset and night tour of the River Seine: The tour lasts an hour and takes place at dusk in the city (if it is in the fall, you will have the best light of life!) The boat passes through several important points of Paris.

Tips: Book your tickets beforehand to avoid the queue.

Final words

I hope this is a bit different from the usual things which you can do in Paris. Tell me which place you have decided to visit from the above-given places when traveling to Paris.

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