Pastoral and Country Living: Pros and Cons

Moving to the country is an ideal option for many families. If you are looking to raise a family that is healthy and happy, moving out of the hustle and bustle of the big city to live off the land or experience a simpler way of life is a big draw for many people who grow weary of big city living. But living in the country, for all of its upsides, comes with some downsides as well. Let’s show you some of the pros and cons of pastoral and country living.

Pastoral and Country Living: Pros and Cons

Pro: Access to Nature

It’s all around you. It is a breath of fresh air. And living in rural areas comes with a variety of health benefits. Being out in nature is away from everything associated with smoky inner-city areas and all that noise!

Con: Nature Is Far Away From Normal Life

Being far away from everything can be a blessing, but when you are far removed from simple amenities, it can contribute to a feeling of isolation. Being far away from normal life can mean that you are, in some respects, more exposed to danger. Take a look at the typical country roads. There aren’t many lights to illuminate the pathway! If you find yourself wandering back home in the dark on foot, this can be pretty dangerous and can result in an accident if you’re not careful. And while it’s possible to instigate legal action and discuss your case with a skilled injury lawyer, you may realize that the support you take for granted in a big city is few and far between when you are out in the sticks!

Pro: You Are Safer

Living away from normal life means that you won’t be as likely to incur theft. Rural residences don’t experience as much crime as suburban and urban areas. Because there are fewer people out in the country, statistically, you are safer. You can feel more secure where you live, not just because you are far away from most people, but you will get to know your neighbors very well as there aren’t many of them! 

Con: The Dangers Are Different

The dangers are different from typical city living. Living in the country means that you are more vulnerable to more unique dangers. For example, fallen trees are more likely to cause you problems than a thief. In addition to this, a power outage can take longer to fix because you are far away from any power source. From the perspective of emergency services, they can take longer to reach you during dangerous times. Living in a community with fewer residents means you are less of a priority. This is why it’s important when you live out in the sticks to have your own alternative power sources and essential supplies.

Pro: A Better Sense of Community 

The great thing about living in a smaller community is that you will get to know everybody very well. Living in a rural community where there are, at most, 100 or 200 people, means that you will get to know everybody very quickly. There’s a great sense of community that you don’t have if you are renting a flat in the middle of a city. If there are any problems, you can always knock on a neighbor’s door. These days, most people aren’t too inclined to help others in the city. But when you live in a community so small, it benefits everyone to be helpful.

Con: It’s the Same Faces

For those who like the hustle and bustle of city life but are moving to the country to start a family or to have a slower pace of life, it can be a big shock to the system. The pace of life can be too slow. There is the thought you might get really bored. At the same time, you have to remember that if you are living in a small community, everybody gets to know each other and everybody is in each other’s business. You might be more private than that. In addition to this, the modern world of woke culture may not have reached the country just yet. You may feel that you have to fit in, but curb your seemingly alternative attitudes. In this respect, you might very well feel that you have to conform to something that you don’t necessarily believe in.

Living a country life certainly has its pros and cons. While so many people focus on the upsides, the negatives don’t get as much attention. And it is all subjective. But wherever you go in the world, there are going to be ups and downs. Just make sure you evaluate every pro and con properly.

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