Perfect Picnic – 5 Tips For Creating A Romantic Picnic Out In Nature

Perfect Picnic - 5 Tips For Creating A Romantic Picnic Out In Nature

Ahh, the great outdoors! Fresh grass under your feet, the smell of flowers, the glistening of dew on the leaves, the gentle rhythm of a nearby meandering stream – is there anything better?

Actually, there is – adding a picnic to the picture! Not only do you get to make the most of what Mother Earth gave us, but you’re also treated to a tasty buffet with your loved one.

If you’re ready to whisk your partner away for the perfect foodie date, alfresco style, check out these five tips for making it the perfect occasion:

Stick With Convenience

Why put extra stress on yourself by making all the picnic food from scratch? Instead, go to the store and pick up your favorite pre-made, ready-to-eat foods and drinks. That way, you won’t end up stressing yourself out before the big day.

Alternatively, step it up a notch and select one of the many luxury hampers available online. Not only does this add some opulence to the occasion, but it’s also perfect for those arranging the outdoor picnic as a surprise.

Know Your Route

There is a lot to be said for being spontaneous, which can make us happier overall. However, this romantic picnic is not the time to flex that particular muscle. Today, for the perfect picnic, you need to know your route.

This avoids you accidentally having to walk for a day to find a good spot to eat, turning up to a spot during bear season, or even finding out the place you found on Google is now a cattle ranch. Spontaneity is important, but for this occasion, it’s best to choose somewhere tried and tested so there are no nasty surprises when you arrive.

Get Romantic

If there was ever a time to get your romance on, it’s during a picnic. Maybe you could recite a sonnet or a poem? Maybe you could write a love letter and read it out loud to the object of your affections?

If this sounds too soppy, you could simply cut the sandwiches into heart shapes and smile adorably as they see what you did. There is no right or wrong way to be romantic – the fact you’re making the effort is more than enough.

Stay Secluded

A picnic on a mowed lawn in a park is wonderful but often comes at a price. Dogs running over and stealing your food, a ball smacking you in the head as kids play nearby, turning around to notice you’ve put your hand in dog poop – these are the risks you accept in a park!

Whilst funny, such scenarios don’t scream romance. For that reason, if you can pick a more secluded spot, you’re more likely to be able to focus on each other and the great food you’re sharing.

Be Prepared For Nature To Be Nature

The weather can be unpredictable, so it pays to come prepared for all possibilities. Bugs will be less of an issue if you cover the ground with a blanket and pack some repellant. If you happen to be in an area with bears, coyotes, or other wildlife that would love to enjoy your picnic with you, take precautions recommended by local wardens and organizations.

“It’s always better when we’re together.” – Jack Johnson

By using the tips above and your own creativity, you can enjoy a picnic out in nature that will truly impress your date. There’s something about the outdoors that oozes romance, especially if you’re there with a loved one. So long as you’re prepared, you really can’t go wrong.

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