Pick the Right Eye Cream for Your Particular Concerns

Pick the Right Eye Cream for Your Particular Concerns

Even if you’ve been using a moisturizer for years, the day may come when you look at your eyes in the mirror and you know that it is time for specialized care. Perhaps you see lines and wrinkles, or perhaps your under-eye area has dark, puffy bags. No matter what the problem, when you see something that makes your eyes look older you will want a solution right away.

Since the skin under the eyes is very thin and fragile, piling on more of the cream that you use on the rest of your face is not the answer. The skin under the eyes not only shows the signs of aging earlier, but it also is more vulnerable to harsh ingredients and prone to allergic reactions. To get the results that you’re looking for without creating new problems, you will need a lotion developed specifically for the delicate under-eye area. It’s time to head to the store for eye cream.

Once you get to the store you will realize how many different products there are that are dedicated to treating the under-eye area. How do you decide which to choose? Start by identifying your biggest under-eye concern, then choose a product that contains the right ingredients to help treat your problem. Here are some of the most common complaints and some particular additives to look for on the labeling or ingredient list.

1. You Are Worried About Wrinkles

If your top concern has you worrying about wrinkles, sunscreen is a must-have. Be sure to choose an eye cream with a high SPF to protect the delicate skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Guarding your skin against sun exposure is the best way to prevent wrinkles.

2. City Life May Be Taking a Toll

If living in the city has you thinking about the toll that smog and dirty air takes on your skin, select an eye cream that is packed with antioxidants to combat environmental damage. Some ingredients to look for include vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid.

3. You Stay Out Late

Asking an eye cream to make up for no sleep is a big request, but if you really can’t hit the hay on time (or if you are just predisposed to dark circles) try a cream with ingredients like try niacinamide and kojic acid. These proven brighteners work by reducing pigment activity within the cells under your skin.

3. Your Eyes Are Dry Like the Desert

The skin around your eyes is not only super thin but is also prone to being dry and itchy. If your eyes are crying out for moisture look for a cream that contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides. These ingredients not only provide moisture, but help the delicate skin around your eyes retain that moisture as well.

4. You’re looking Like Your Mom

Do you feel like you’re looking more and more like your mom? Aging skin begins to get even thinner, making wrinkly and baggy eyes more prominent. Combat the aging process with retinol, the gold standard for fighting lines and wrinkles. By stimulating collagen production retinol can re-plump the skin and help you look younger.

5. You’re looking Like Your Grandma

Your under-eye area has gone fully grandma, and the crepe-y look has you feeling fifty years older than you are. Be sure the eye cream you choose includes peptides that will increase collagen and elastin, which will rehydrate the skin and firm up all those saggy spots, as well as brighten and tone the area.

No matter what price point you are comfortable shopping in, reading the labels and purchasing products with the right ingredients will help you pick the right eye cream for your individual needs.

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