Planning a Stress-Free Beach Wedding

The simplicity and beauty of a beach wedding have many couples opting for this laid-back style of ceremony. As the trend towards smaller, more intimate weddings gains popularity, many couples choose to take their vows surrounded by sand and surf. Planning a wedding can be stressful and can often shift your focus from celebrating your love over to the minute details of your day.

Although you don’t have to spend too much time looking for the perfect wedding backdrop when you choose a beach wedding, there are still many details to consider. Depending on your style, you may want to have a simple ceremony with just family and friends or a lavish occasion with all the traditional flair.

From choosing the perfect beach to celebrate your love, to finding the right gifts for your wedding party at, planning your wedding should be fun, not a fiasco. Let’s take a look at a few things that will help you plan the perfect stress-free beach wedding.

Wedding Attire

No one wants to look or feel overheated on their special day. When getting married on the beach, remember that you will be standing out in the open sun for an extended period of time. This can make for a hot and uncomfortable ceremony if you choose an elaborate and heavy gown for your wedding. Keeping your fabrics lightweight and loose will help you stay comfortable as you walk down the aisle. Your groom and his party should also aim to stay cool and comfortable. A linen suit or shirt will stand up better in the heat than a full tuxedo.

Remember that you will likely be dealing with some pretty strong sea breezes during your ceremony. Swept up wedding hairdos tend to be better for an open-air wedding so that you can avoid having your hair flying into your face. You may also want to ditch the veil that could end up being blown around your head during your ceremony.

Walking down the sand towards your partner can be a challenge in high heels. For your beach wedding, opt for a flat sandal or ditch the shoes and go barefoot.


There’s nothing better than the feeling of sand beneath your feet. When you are planning a beach wedding, you need to consider your location carefully. Some of the most stunning spots may seem picture-perfect but may be difficult for you and your guests to access. When you choose a beach, make sure that you have an accessible route that is safe for all of your guests.

Weather-Proof Decor

When dealing with strong breezes coming off the water, you will have to consider your decor’s stability. Make sure that all of your decorations are securely fastened and designed to withstand a stiff breeze, including the table and chair covers.

Choose your decorative flowers carefully to eliminate any blooms that won’t stand up well in the heat or wilt quickly. Your florist designing the arrangements can recommend flowers suitable for warm sun or breezy climates.

Sound System

Between the wind and the surf, your vows could easily get drowned out by excess noise. If you don’t want to be left shouting your promises of eternal love to your partner, you should invest in or rent a sound system. Your officiant can use a microphone to help everyone hear you. 

Guest Comfort

Beach weddings are undeniably beautiful, but they can also be hot for you and your guests. Scheduling your wedding celebration during the cooler parts of the day can save your guests from getting too crispy in the heat. Make sure that you provide enough shady spots for your guests to take cover from the sun. 

Although a beach wedding may seem like a simple and elegant alternative, there are still many things to consider to create the perfect day. From wearing a lightweight dress to ensuring that your guests are protected from the heat, following these tips will help you plan your dream beach wedding. 

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