Prefab Cabins: Your Home Sweet Home Away from Home

Prefab Cabins Your Home Sweet Home Away from Home

If you occasionally find yourself daydreaming about a secret little haven far away from everything and everyone, you’re not the only one. Fast food, fast diets, fast fashion, fast-paced lifestyle… It seems like it’s virtually impossible to slow things down in these modern times we’re living in. Everyone’s constantly in a hurry to get things done while juggling endless tasks and responsibilities, so it’s only natural to feel the urge to escape the urban jungle and enjoy some well-deserved “me-time”.

If you’re anything like me, the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of a modern city or suburb life would be a small vacation house in the middle of nowhere. A cozy little cottage where you can enjoy some peace and quiet unbothered by anything else, except maybe a curious chipmunk on your fence. Idyllic, isn’t it? But who can afford the luxury of building a second house nowadays? Do you have to be filthy rich to splash out on a vacay home? Luckily no, and we have prefab cabins to thank for it.

What Are Prefab Cabins?

Just as the name suggests, prefab cabins are produced off-site in a factory and then transported and assembled at your chosen location. They’re also known as modular cabins because they can consist of one or several modules. Yes, yes I know, you immediately got a blast from the past; it’s like those dull and often unsightly mass-produced prefabs from not so long ago will live inside our heads rent-free forever.

We all remember those modular classrooms, right? Most of the time they were a sign that the school was going broke. Or those modular houses that never understood the assignment. In summer it was scorching hot and in winter it was freezing cold inside. Not to mention how easy they would crumble under harsh weather conditions or seismic activities.

However, the modern prefab cabins offered today are nothing like those dreaded dwellings from the past; in fact, modular construction has gone so far, that you’d wish to make a modular cabin your permanent home. You don’t have to take my word, have a look yourself.

It’s literally impossible not to fall in love with this unique cabin situated on the southern banks of the Murray River in Tintaldra. Minimalistic, yet oh-so-cozy, this one-of-a-kind modular cabin is a dream come true for the occasional loner. The solar panels and the solar water pump make this cabin eco-friendly and sustainable whereas the passive design principles safeguard the owner’s comfort no matter the weather. Mixing a unique A-frame home with cable railings along the porch adds a contemporary feel that is both striking and minimalistic.

What Are the Advantages of Modular Construction?

Similar to modular homes, prefab modular cabins have a ton of benefits to offer. Let’s start with the most obvious one – they’re substantially more affordable than site-built structures. Of course, the price greatly depends on your design preferences, but even the most exclusive modern prefab cabins cost way less compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. What’s more, some companies can work backward from your budget, so you can put your financial constraints to best use with little to no surprises along the way.

Then, prefabricated cabins are quick to build. With most of the work done off-site, you can simultaneously prepare the grounds while your holiday retreat is being built. It’s also worth mentioning that in most cases, you’ll get a fixed time frame, so you can start planning your holiday escape from the moment you sign the contract.

Next, when it comes to prefabricated cabins designs, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Not only that you can have your cabin installed anywhere on earth, but you can also choose from various up-to-the-minute designs and modifications. Like that wasn’t enough, you can also opt for a bespoke cabin and have your say in each and every stage of the production process.

Should You Buy a Prefab Cabin?

Although most people use modular cabins as holiday retreats, these lovelies are built for year-round comfort. They make the best possible use of the location and orientation to amp up the energy efficiency and keep your monthly expenses to a minimum.

If you want to have a sweet home away from home, pre-built modular cabins are a great way to bring your vision to life without depleting your life savings. Even if you opt for the simplest cabin imaginable, it can easily be transformed into a comfortable cottage with the right home improvement supplies such as ambiance lighting, energy-saving appliances, soundproofing materials, double-glazed windows, etc.

Are Modular Cabins Good?

When something is affordable and quick to build, it’s only natural to ask yourself whether it’s good quality. However, you can rest assured that prefabricated cabins are built to strict quality and safety standards in accordance with the latest design principles. Some of these structures can even withstand hurricane-strength winds and earthquakes.

The reason for the significantly lower price of modular cabins is that manufacturers get their materials in bulk, so you aren’t paying less because the materials are low-quality. And the reason for the quick build time is that there aren’t any weather delays or several points of contact to complicate things, it’s not that your cabin is built in a hurry. Now that we’ve addressed those two elephants in the cabin, it’s time for you to look for some local and international modular cabins and get inspired.

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