Preparing to Bring Your Service Dog Home

Preparing to Bring Your Service Dog Home

If you have been interested in the idea of getting a service dog to help you with any physical challenges that you have, you should feel good about this decision. You are on a path to a much happier and independent lifestyle. Service dogs are trained to fulfill specific tasks and they will quickly adapt to your routine and help you thrive.

As with any other pets, it is important that you take some time to prepare and make sure everything is situated before you bring them home with you. If you are eager to have your new service animal join you at home, here’s what you need to know before they arrive.


A big part of owning a service dog is ensuring that you have the proper registration completed. Before you even think about bringing your animal home or to any public establishment, you need to make sure that this step has been done correctly! Service dog registration of America is a very simple process that will help you ensure that your animal is approved to join you wherever you go.

While most public establishments are usually quite understanding of a service dog’s presence, some management and staff may ask for clarification. It is in your best interest to have the registration on you at all times and that your dog is properly suited up in the designated vest so that you can get by with minimal interaction.

Prepare Your Home

Bringing home any animal takes a little bit of planning on your part. Even service dogs are going to need some time to adjust to a new environment. The good news is that you can help them to feel right at home by preparing ahead of time! 

For starters, make sure that the dog will have a place to themselves. This can be a small room, a crate, or even just a little bed – just make sure that they will have something that is all their own. Additionally, it is best to introduce a new dog to a clean home so that they will not be tempted to “explore” anything that you do not want them to touch.

Just take a little time and pick up some of those stray items before your new service animal gets home. This will allow you to get a feel for your dog’s temperament and control in their new environment and will help you to understand the precautions you will need to take before leaving them alone.

Stock Up on Food and Toys

Though your service dog is there to complete a job, at the end of the day, it is still an animal that is going to need to have food and some form of entertainment to live a happy and healthy life with you. Before you bring your animal home, you should stock up on the proper food and treat items that your specific service animal has been trained with. This can help the dog to adjust to their new home a lot easier! 

Additionally, it is always a good idea to have a couple of toys or games available for them to wind-down and to have some fun after they have been helping you through the day.

Bottom Line

Service dogs are highly trained animals that are there to help you function on a daily basis. While there are a lot of things to think about before you can bring them home, the preparation will all be worth it! If you are in the early stages of getting your own service dog, always keep this list in mind before your new service dog joins your family.

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