Primitive Decor Wholesale – A Guide to Buying Wholesale Primitives for Resale

Primitive Decor Wholesale

Finding primitive decor wholesale can seem like a daunting task. There are 100’s (maybe 1000’s) of artisans who create and sell primitive home decor. But it’s not always clear which of those sell wholesale primitive for resale. Prim Mart gets many visits from retailers looking for quality country primitives to order for their stores. So, I decided it was time to create this guide to help you all out! Check out more home decor tips and reviews at StapleSearch.

Buying Primitive Decor Wholesale

Because we also get visitors who are new ordering wholesale, I want to briefly go over what is required to order wholesale primitive decor. First, you’ll need to have a registered business sales tax number. When you register with your state’s Internal Revenue Service, you get a number assigned to your business. This is required when ordering wholesale to prove you intend to resale the products for profit. Also, you will be exempt from sales tax.

Next, you should expect minimum order requirements. Depending on the wholesaler you might have to order a $100-300 order for your first time. After, reorders may be less. And, they may require minimum quantities like 3 or 12 of each item you order. This ensures you aren’t just ordering for yourself and also to encourage a store to properly stock the supplier’s products.

Where to Find Wholesale Primitive Suppliers


You have two main methods of finding wholesale primitive suppliers. You could travel to markets and shop in person. I used to participate in these markets and they are excited to visit. There’s nothing like seeing 100’s booths filled with beautiful primitive decor. You’re able to see the quality craftsmanship in person.

Some markets have cash & carry days in which you get to shop and take your order with you. The rest of the time you window shop decided from whom you wish to order, and then place your orders. Get your orders in as quickly as possible to ensure you get the shipment date of your choice. Popular artists’ calendars may fill up quickly. I recommend trying to visit a wholesale market at least once a year. You’ll find artisans who are experienced with selling wholesale primitives.

Another in-person option is traveling to a warehouse. You can shop from one to several different suppliers and save shipping costs. Mulberry Home is one example of a multi-vendor wholesale warehouse.


Your other option is shopping online. Shopping for wholesale primitives online gives your the benefit of being not needing to travel. You can set time aside as needed to browse for products for your store. There are no travel expenses. And, you have access to many, many more wholesalers. In addition to that, you can find wholesale that is more limited allowing you to feature unique products that your competitors aren’t selling. Plus, you can find artists with small minimum order requirements.

The downside is you may find it hard to see the exact colors. Every computer screen shows colors differently. And, the photos may not show colors perfectly depending on the lighting used. Another struggle of wholesale is worrying about receiving your order on time. Research wholesalers before you buy from them. Check their website and social media for customer reviews. Find out how long they’ve been in business.

Order a sample or two to check on shipping time and quality. And then, you can contact them confidently to order. Have a business credit card you can use to order and pay in full as many smaller primitive wholesale companies do not offer credit terms. Plus, you can work with your credit card company for reimbursement if an order doesn’t arrive.

Decide: Handmade or Reproduction

There are some larger primitive wholesalers. They are able to be larger because they sell reproduced primitive home decor, not handmade. As a buyer for your store, you’ll need to decide what types of products your customers want. Some may want only handmade because they are more unique and well made. These retailers love finding creative businesses offering wholesale handmade crafts. Whereas others may not consider it as important as is the style of the item or the price.

You may want to offer a mix. For example, handmade dolls and wreaths tend to be nicer handmade than manufactured. Whereas you might find it easier to find textiles, like woven table runners and placemats, as manufactured.

Searching the Web for Wholesale Country Primitives

Use Google to search using specific keywords like primitive decor wholesale, wholesale primitive for resale, or wholesale primitive decor suppliers. Or even more specific, use keywords of what you’re looking for: wholesale hand-poured candles or wholesale handmade wool hooked rugs. Browse through the results, even past the first page. You might find some gems! Also, check these sources:

In Closing

Some of our readers search for wholesale for the savings, not for resale. When you do that, you may end up finding companies that are truly wholesale and do not cater to selling to non-retailers. It makes all your efforts of finding great prices a waste of time. Instead, if you are wanting to save money on your decorating your home, plan out your project before you start to shop.

Maybe you’re looking for a new bathroom decor idea or your living room needs an update. Or you want to get flowers as decor for your upcoming party. Then check out major retailers for large pieces that fit well with country primitive home decor. Many large furniture retailers carry furniture for farmhouse decor style which fits well with country primitive home decor. You may find some awesome deals! You can start your primitive-making journey by learning how to make primitive crafts on your own.

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