Primitive DIY: How to Decorate with Primitive Décor

Primitive DIY How to Decorate with Primitive Décor

Want to know how to turn your home into a rustic, country-style haven with primitive decor? Read on to learn about primitive DIY decorating. According to color psychology, earth tones create warm feelings. Learning all about primitive DIY will make your home look and feel more comfortable than ever.

The color brown evokes feelings of warmth and home. Nonetheless, there’s so much more to the primitive country aesthetic than earth tones. This style incorporates simple, rustic, and folk-like features that make it stand out from other themes.

You spend a lot of time at home. You deserve a home that looks and feels most comfortable to you. Even your guests will appreciate the homey atmosphere. Here are some primitive country decor tips:

Earth Tones and Warm Colors

Earth tones give the primitive country aesthetic its natural feel. They induce feelings of comfort and closeness to nature.

Darker shades of warm colors also fit in with the primitive country home decor. Think of rusty reds, mustard yellows, and burnt orange shades you’d find in nature and country themes.

Distressed and Simple Furniture

Distressed wood furniture pieces are primitive country signatures. They give your home that old-fashioned, vintage vibe that’s unique to this style. It’s great if you have old wooden furniture lying around. Fortunately, it’s possible to distress wood by yourself as a DIY project. Primitive country furniture is always minimalist and simple. Look for wooden furniture without elaborate embellishments to distress.

Additionally, simple wood furniture is a mainstay of primitive home decor. Early American furniture and shaker are two styles that fit wonderfully with primitive home decor accessories. Amish furniture making often creates beautiful pieces of furniture for the dining room and bedroom that fit well with primitive decor.

Galvanized Elements

Galvanization involves coating iron or steel with a zinc layer. Galvanized metal has a distinctly rustic feel that’s simple yet striking, making it perfect for primitive home decor. Installing a galvanized sink and faucet will add an undeniably rustic element to your bathroom. An old-fashioned, galvanized bucket transforms into a durable sink that’s stylish to boot.

The galvanized sink project calls for an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor to complete it. The aforementioned link will teach you how to find a qualified professional on your own.

Barn Stars

Barn stars are a symbol of classic Americana. The use of barn stars as decor in Amish country goes as far back as the 1700s to the 1820s. People mostly hung up barn stars for good luck, much like horseshoes. However, even today, a barn star’s significance still depends on its color.

For instance, black stands for protection and binding. Red stands for emotion, passion, and creativity. White symbolizes the moon while green signifies growth and success. Barn stars are easy to make. Look up DIY tutorials on how to make them yourself.

Other DIY Decorations

Homemade candles are one of the best primitive decorating ideas because they’re easy to make with a kit. Better yet, buy a pillar candle and tie cinnamon sticks around it for easy primitive decoration. Use mason jars as a style staple for your crafts. Fill them with herbs, gemstones, or anything else natural and pretty.

Feel free to buy professional crafts from a primitive handmade mercantile as well. Your guests will adore them!

Primitive DIY is Making a Comeback

The average American has 9 DIY jobs that require attention. Rest assured, transforming your home into a primitive DIY paradise is worth the effort. Pro tip: Mason jars double as cups and storage. Plus, they’re also affordable primitive decor. If you’re struggling with space, check out these great small space design tips.

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