Pro Tips for Maintaining a Mattress


Sleeping is just like breathing, and without sleeping, all of us have seen people going bonkers. That is why people invest big-time buying a good mattress that will provide the best and the most profound sleep. Or a kind of sleep that hits the bed for three or four hours, and when you wake up, you feel like you are in another dimension.

But this luxury stays with us for a few months, and with each passing day, it sags inch by inch, and it seems like there is no way to stop it. Since there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are ways to keep your eco friendly mattress going for years. We tried to approach the best manufactures and get some tips. According to, this is the simplest way to get more years on the mattress’s longevity. The best thing about these ways or tips is that they are easy to do. Read about them below!

Change Your Sheet Twice a Week

This is the simplest way to get more years on the longevity of the mattress. If you cannot change them twice a week, at least change them once a week. This prevents the dust mites from making their crib.

Vacuum It

This might be a thing that may feel like a difficult errand, but it will give cleanliness, and it is also recommended by different mattress manufacturers as well. There are handheld vacuum cleaners. Some people also recommend to make it odorless, you can sprinkle baking soda or any scented powder or lavender on it, put it in sunlight for a good 7 to 8 hours, and then vacuum it. It will become cleaner, and it will smell good as well.

Flip it or Rotate it

As we said earlier, the mattress gets saggy, and if you are too lazy or allergic to lavender or any other reason to justify your sloth mode, this is the easiest thing to do. Just flip your mattress to 180 degrees. Put the head of the mattress to the foot site or vice versa.

Use a Mattress Cover

Washing the whole mattress can be a heck of a job, and it costs a lot, and for days, you have to sleep without a mattress. You can use a mattress cover; not only will it extend the number of years to your mattress, but it will also give you extra comfort as well. These covers are also called toppers, these are easy to clean, and they need almost zero maintenance.

Keep Your Mattress Dry

If you have kids or pets, or you are clumsy, then we know your mattress gets some stains. And if you leave those stains for a long time, the mattress can become saggy and even have a bad odor.

If you have been washing your mattress for a small stain, then we feel for you, but the best thing is that you got here because the easiest way of getting rid of stains is to use a small detergent on that same spot and clean it with a fabric.

Rub that spot again and again till the stain goes away. Use another cloth to dry clean the area and let it dry under the sun or use a hairdryer or just iron it.

Use of Strong Foundations

Using a strong foundation is the best way to provide longevity to the mattress and even prevent the mattress from sagging. It also gives your back and neck good support as well. Different mattress manufacturers also recommend using a firm foundation unless you are lying the mattress on the ground.

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