Proven Ways to Increase Your Height – Grow Taller Guide

Everyone wants to be a shoulder above the rest. And it is for a good reason. Studies show that being tall comes with a handful of social benefits. For example, tall individuals are viewed as sharp, and as good leaders. When it comes to dating, tall guys have a better chance than their shorter counterparts.  In general, society holds tall people in high esteem. It is just how it is. Any it’s not just for social reasons. As we age, our risk of losing height increases. Let’s talk about the steps you can take to increase your height.

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Therefore, it is natural to find people trying their best to add to their height. In our consumerist culture, many products will claim to add to your stature within the shortest period. However, most of them are just that, claims. But which are the proven ways to increase your height? The following are some of them that we found at

Tips to Increase Your Height

Eating the Right Diet

Eating seems like the most straightforward way for everyone to add to their height. However, it might not be as simple as it sounds. The influence of genetic factors is between 60 and 80%. Regardless, what you eat and drink can inhibit or enhance height growth. Research shows that countries, where the majority can afford to eat a balanced diet, are taller than those countries that cannot afford a balanced diet.

However, it is not all foods that are right for you. Some of them can work against your height growth goals.  For example, you should avoid those foods that increase your body fats. Don’t go grabbing snacks such as French fries every time you feel like you are hungry. Science shows that body fats inhibit the production of the necessary hormones that increase your stature.

Also, try to avoid sugars and sweet foods as they increase the amount of insulin in your blood which inhibits the production of growth hormone. It is the role of growth hormone to support cell regeneration and tissue repair, some of the essential body processes that contribute to height growth.

Alcohol and other drugs also inhibit the production of the endocrine hormones necessary for health and growth.

Eat proteins that are rich in such amino acid as ornithine, melatonin, arginine, and lysing. The amino acids are critical in enhancing the production of the human growth hormone. The right foods include soy, white and red meat, milk and dairy products.

Your diet and nutrition link directly to your bone and muscle health. That makes it extra important to eat the right foods and get the right amount of nutrients to prevent bone and muscle lose. And, also, prevent loss in your height, but actually help it.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is another proven way of enhancing the production of the growth hormone. The added benefit of short burst exercises includes better blood circulation and stress relief. Inactivity has been associated with a host of risk factors that include diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions also contribute to short stature. Your body is at its best when healthy.

Exercise such Yoga and Pilates have been found to increase height. These low impact exercises help stretch your body which increase height and tone muscle to hold up your frame better.

However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Long hours of exercises exhaust resources that your body needs to power growth. Short bursts of activity followed by rest are ideal.

Intermittent Fasting

Many people have never gone a full day without eating. Research shows that intermittent fasting is healthy and can contribute to height growth. You can take a day every week to break from eating and give the digestive system a rest. Intermittent fast helps the body clear the toxins and other substances harmful to the body tissues and cells. It is like a general cleaning exercise where the body takes a day off to cleanse.

These are three ways you can increase your height and improve your health. It’s a win-win!

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