Questions and Answers About Varsity Letter Jackets

When it comes to making varsity letter jackets, the ideas litter the internet. While some are good, you want that uniqueness that makes it seem different from anything you’ve seen before. While you can make your fix the letters or buy a varsity jacket, this article can help make the process smoother. It starts by understanding what you are doing.

Questions and Answers About Varsity Letter Jackets

What are Varsity Letter Jackets?

In the 1880s, you might have seen a symbol on the flannel shirts of Havard students. If you were a good athlete in school, you would be allowed to keep the shirt. It was a sign that you were a part of important games and your role is recognized. A trend was born in those years, signifying excellence for those who have the shirt with the symbol.

A varsity jacket, or the letterman jacket, as it was called in those years, is usually presented or given by a college or high school with a letter on it as a symbol of admirable achievement. Some schools only present the letter while the awardees buy the jacket and fix the letters themselves. The jackets are available in many designs and options with choices for women.

In many schools, the locations of the letter or batches are decided by the school. But others allow their awardees to exercise their sense of fashion. (Nowadays there are many options and you can get a varsity letter jacket online or in a shop near you.) Talking about this brings us to the first question people ask often.

Where on my Jacket Should I Put the Letter?

First, you should know that it isn’t only the letter that comes from school. There are many things like the letter, the school’s scholar patches, your Jersey number in the particular sport you play and at times, they may include your school name or your name.

  • Place the jacket properly prior to fixing it tight.
  • The letter stays on the left side of your chest under the clavicle.
  • Place the number over your left arm just below your shoulder.
  • If there are any words or names, they stay on the back, at the center and they should move from one side to the other.

That’s how you place your letter and whatever comes with it in an accurate way. At the end of fixing them, you should stand back and view what you have done to see if it is a nice job.

How Do You Clean The Letterman Jacket Patches?

Cleaning varsity letter jackets should be done carefully. A lot depends on what type of material makes up the jacket. Leather requires more care. Plus bright colors may bleed into white areas if you wash a large area. Therefore it’s better if you work in small areas. If the spot is small, begin with a stain-remover pen.

If the whole patch needs cleaning, get some water with some soap. Using a washcloth, clean small areas by gently dabbing.

Additionally, white patches sometimes yellow over time. Adding a little Oxyclean solution to soap water, or just diluted Oxyclean, can be dabbed over the yellow areas to turn them bright white again.

Next, use a washcloth and soapy water to clean the leather sleeves, too. Use it to wipe the sleeves without getting the leather too wet. Rub the leather in a circular motion to rub off the soil.

Look for a dry cleaner comes who offer quality leather care. They may include a letter jacket cleaning service. Check their reviews before trusting them with your prized jacket.

And finally, whether it be DIY cleaning or hiring a professional, work cautiously so your jacket doesn’t end up damaged.

Can I Remove the Patches?

Those patches are symbols of honor or beauty, so why do you want to remove them? But if you really wish to get them off, you can.

First, check the method used in attaching the patch to the jacket. If it is sewn, you will have to remove the stitches and pull the patches off.

Take caution if they are glued. These steps may damage the jacket material. Try lifting them to determine how strong the glue is. Apply some glue remover like WD – 40 and spray it below the patches. Then try to remove it by pulling it off.

Update: There’s a product now available called Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover for Fabrics reviews are excellent for it and mentions success taking patches off clothes with good success.

It is common sense that if you first remove the stitches of a particular patch and the patch is still firm on the jacket, the maker used both glue and stitching to fix the patch in the first place. Remove the stitching first, pry the patches up a bit and then weaken the glue.

Because fabric usually fades over time, it’s likely the patch area will look different than the rest of the jacket, like a shadow of where it was. Not to mention, the stitch pattern and glue will likely be left behind.

Now if getting the patch off is your main goal, then you can use this removal method and add the varsity letter patch to a new jacket.

How should I wear a varsity jacket?

There is a sense of honor or pride in wearing a varsity letter jacket. The classic look: wear your jacket with jeans and a T-shirt. For a more dressed-up look wear a  button-down shirt. Let the jacket stand out. It’s the focal point of the outfit.


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