Questions Related to Water Well Drilling in Wisconsin

Questions Related to Water Well Drilling in Wisconsin

It is believed that the state of Wisconsin has more than 8,00,000 private water wells. Research has established the health benefits of drinking water extracted from wells. This form of water supply is incredibly popular with the people. If you need a water well installed in your home, you must contact a drilling company. Companies such as GroundSource of Wisconsin offer efficient drilling services in the Wisconsin area, making it easier to access groundwater.

The entire process is easier than you might think. You will also enjoy its benefits for a lifetime. After all, nothing is more important than pure drinking water.

But before you go ahead, here are a few things you should know before hiring any drilling company.

Is approval required before the construction?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, you need a DNR notification number before any construction takes place. You can obtain it by visiting the Go Wild webpage. You could also personally see one of the 1500 locations across the state which sell hunting and fishing licenses. However, since you will be employing professionals to do the job, they will probably obtain the permit for you beforehand.

Do well drillers need to be licensed?

The law states that only drillers with an updated license will be permitted to drill wells in the state. The drilling process should also comply with the State Well and Pump Code. After the work is completed, the driller should submit a copy of the construction report to the DNR. When you hire the services of a company, check if they have a valid license and ask them for the proper documents after the job.

Can you install your well anywhere?

No, there are specific requirements that you should meet for the location of the well. It should be 8 feet away from a sewer pipe, 25 feet from a septic tank, 25 feet away from surface fuel oil, 50 feet away from an animal yard, and 1,200 feet away from a landfill site. The casing pipe should also extend around 12 inches from the finished ground surface. An experienced driller will be aware of these measurements beforehand.

How much will it cost you?

Getting domestic water well drilled in Wisconsin will cost you between 2,500 USD$ and 15,000 USD$. The average cost is somewhere between 5,500 USD$. However, the final price will be determined by the depth and its water-producing capacity.

What will the driller do after the construction?

The central part of the process is drilling. After that is complete, the builder will test the pump and flush the well. The driller will then carry out the disinfection process and carry water samples for bacteriological and nitrate testing. After submitting it to a laboratory, they will provide you with a water sample result before ten days. Finally, they will give you a copy of the Well Construction Report within 30 days after the entire process is complete.

Things you should avoid doing

Never have the well installed in your basement or crawl space. These areas get flooded quite quickly and can be challenging to reach. They are also highly unsanitary. Tell your constructor not to install an unprotected buried suction line between the well and the pressure tank. If the pipe cracks, the surface water would enter the water supply and contaminate it.

Companies like GroundSource of Wisconsin recommend that you consider the following guideline while having a well drilled. Deciding to get a well is the best way to ensure clean drinking water and maintain optimum health.

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