Questions to Ask Before Getting AC Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

Questions to Ask Before Getting AC Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

Are you planning for a new central air conditioner? Well, before purchasing a new unit, ensure to ask these questions. 

Why have you decided to replace your air conditioner? 

If you have a clear answer to this question, you can easily learn the issues of the current system or set goals. But if you do not know why you are attracted to AC replacement in Jacksonville, FL, you have to begin with factors that you do not like in your existing system or the old one. Some of the problems to consider are as follows:

  • Damage: Is your air conditioner has been damaged by a recent fire, storm, or other issues? If the system is in status beyond repair, you can plan for air conditioning replacement services in Jacksonville, FL. 
  • Costly repairs: Expensive or constant repairs have chances to affect your entire home improvement budget. Apart from the repair expenses, the inconveniences like at times working units can disappoint your summer months and keep you uncomfortably hot. 
  • Technology: Have you installed a smart system in your home? If the old heating and cooling unit are not compatible, then you should upgrade to advanced technology and a new air conditioner. 
  • Ease of use: What is the status of your existing AC system? Does it have a complicated setting or hard to replace parts? If you find the unit challenging to use, you should go with a new system as it can provide several easy-to-use benefits. 
  • Efficiency: In terms of efficiency, how would you rate your unit? Is the existing unit inefficient? The latest air conditioning units utilize less energy that is between 30% and 50% than the decades-old units as per the United States Department of Energy. It means AC replacement helps in saving utility expenses and electric costs greatly. 
  • Age: As per InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), the central air conditioner’s average lifespan is eight to fifteen years. What is the age of your AC? If your central air conditioner is more than this range, you can plan for replacement without any confusion. 

Now, you should know what you do not like in your air conditioner and also have an idea of what to look out for while purchasing a new unit. Once you list the reasons for air conditioner replacement, you should start performing the next step- deciding what you want in your new AC.

What kind of air conditioner do you wish to buy?

Of course, the traditional air conditioner is not the best option. There are a lot of options like central air systems, ductless air conditioners, and mini-split conditioners. Are you wondering why you should look for an alternative option? For example, if you choose the ductless split system, you should know that it functions better for your entire home requirement.

If you are having outdoor space problems:

Both mini-split and central systems need outdoor components to wrap the coolant and send it back to your house. The best part of a ductless system is that you can set up the unit away from the house and thus install remains simple.

If you do not have the requirement to cool all the rooms at the same time:

In this situation, you can shortlist ductless mini-split air conditioners. It functions both on the room-by-room system or zone-by-zone system. With this kind of unit, there is no requirement to cool the whole house. Therefore, a ductless split system is the best option you should explore and learn about for your situation.

If the air ducts in your home are leaky or damaged:

First, evaluate the status of your air ducts. If you can find serious leaks or damage in your air ducts, you can go with the ductless system as you do not have to replace or repair them often.

If your house does not have ducts:

Are you currently using a window air conditioning unit? If so, then you can choose a central system but you should approach a contractor to set up the duct unit.

Discuss your requirements with a leading HVAC professional like Indoor Comfort. They assist you in evaluating the cons and pros and also make the best option for your requirements. Contact Indoor Comfort at 904-906-7918 for more details.

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