Questions To Ask Before Placing An Order Of A Personalised Wood Print

Wood prints is without a doubt one of the most elegant gift to give your loved ones and also a nice decoration to add to a home or office. But, before you get too excited and order a personalised wood print, it is highly recommended that you step back a little and ask shops necessary questions first.

Questions To Ask Before Placing An Order Of A Personalised Wood Print

Asking questions is a good way not just to verify the shop’s trustworthiness in the industry but also making sure that your specific needs are met. To help you kick off with the question and answer drill you will do to all your prospect shops, below are a few questions you can use:

How Long Do You Need To Finish My Orders?

Since it is personalised, expect that delivery will not happen the same day. Some may need a few days or even weeks. Time frame most of the time depends on the quantity of wood prints you order, the availability of the materials and your location.

This question is not to rush the shop to deliver or to hire the services of the fastest shop to deliver but to set your expectations and ensure that items will be delivered on your expected date. Give shops enough leeway to ensure high quality outcome.

What Kind Of Wood Do You Use?

There are many woods available to use in such projects, bamboo plywood, maple and birch to name a few. All these woods have their own pros and cons, hence asking the shop on the kind of wood they use is best.

Make sure that the wood they will use is durable enough to last for a long time and can give you good results.

What Available Payment Options You Have?

Especially when orders are placed online, it is best if you know the available payment options they have. You would never want to use a payment medium that you are not comfortable using, hence make sure that you know their options and know whether the payment option you prefer is something that they support.

Return And Guarantee Policy

This is actually one of the most important questions you need to ask a shop, how do they handle their return policy. In case you failed to receive your orders on time or you did not get exactly what you ordered for or there are dents and damages on the wood, would they return your money or exchange it to a new one? Never place an order unless you completely understand the entire process.


Most, if not all, shops offer warranty for their products. Make sure that warranty details are clear, including the fine print. Know possible warranty disqualifications, duration of the warranty, warranty inclusions and so on. If this you failed to ask, you might end up disappointed as the warranty you think can help you when your item gets damaged is completely useless.

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