Quick Hacks To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient This Winter

Winter is perhaps the most challenging time for homeowners as you need to manage a lot. From clearing snow from the driveway to stocking up your pantry with enough to last through bad weather, there’s a lot that keeps you on your toes. Amid keeping a check on weather forecasts and rushing out to stock on supplies, you also have to make sure that your living space is cozy and comfortable enough.

While working on the windows will allow you to weather-proof your home, a better solution would be to go for energy storage solutions at Enovatek. If your home is able to generate its own electricity from solar, the same can be saved as potential energy to be used during the winter months. Energy storage solutions can help you become independent on regular energy and bring down the overall electricity costs during the winters.

While your heating system handles the job well enough, you need to use it judiciously, as mounting bills can be a concern. Thankfully, being a little conscious about energy-efficiency can help you save a lot. Here are some quick hacks you can rely on to enhance the energy-efficiency of your place this winter.

Let the sunshine in

The best way to cut down on energy usage is to make the most out of the sunshine when it is there. It provides both heat and light, so you can save up a lot by letting it in during the daytime. Natural sunshine also enhances mood and gives a happy ambiance to your living space. As long as the sun is shining bright, draw up the curtains and let the house soak energy from this natural source.

Weather-proof the windows

Surprisingly, a significant part of the heat may be escaping your house through low-efficiency windows. You can avoid the loss by upgrading to storm windows, which may cost a bit. But the investment is worthwhile, considering that it can save hundreds of dollars for heating bills. Covering your windows with a clear plastic film is a budget-friendly alternative. You can also hang up heavy curtains to keep the cold air out and warmth in.

Minimize the consumption of heating oil

Another tangible measure to make your place energy-efficient this winter is by making a conscious effort to minimize the consumption of heating oil. Keeping the heating system in good shape is the first step. Learn all about reading your oil tank gauge so that you track the fuel consumption. While it helps you refill on time and prevent running out of fuel, continuous monitoring also enables you to detect problems and address them right away. Timely resolution saves energy, cuts costs, and lowers carbon emissions.

Avoid drafts to conserve energy

When it comes to the culprits that cause heat loss, drafts are the ones you should steer clear of. The winter chill can make its way through the smallest cracks and crevasses around the windows, under doors, and even through electrical outlets. All the good work gets wasted, and your heating system ends doing more only to maintain the temperature. You can address drafts with proper insulation and install weather stripping wherever needed. Just have a good look around the place and seal them before the chill sets in.

Saving up on domestic energy bills is easier than you imagine, provided that you take the right approach. The smallest effort brings excellent results as it saves a lot in the long haul and makes your living space sustainable as well.

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