Real Estate Investing: What You Should Know

In-depth knowledge about investing is required for a successful outcome, whether stocks, bonds, or real estate. If you’re planning to enter the real estate business, you must be geared with the right knowledge and focus. Without such, you might make bad decisions that can lose you money.

For many who enter real estate investment, they choose to undergo real estate courses before starting. Whether you’re knowledgeable or not, you must know the following:

1. Ways to generate money in real estate

Since one of your goals in real estate investment is to make money, you should know how you can generate cash from real estate investments. It will help you understand whether the profit you can get from such can cover the insurance, maintenance, costs of utilities, taxes, and other risks attached to owning a real estate property.

Here are four ways to make money from investing in real estate:

  • Cash Flow Income – To have such regular income, owning or buying a real estate property will help you achieve this. But you need regular renters or buyers so you can have regular cash flow. By posting on real estate sites such as Gumtree Real Estate where people search for properties to hire or buy, you can gain more exposure to potential clients.
  • Ancillary Profits – Not only can you earn money from your rentals or the direct sale of your real estate, but you can also use the micro-businesses surrounding your property. For instance, if you have a rental, you can include washing area or self-service laundry for your tenants. Through this, you can generate an additional income stream.
  • Real Estate-Related Income – Aside from owning properties, you can still make an income through real estate. You can earn a profit by becoming a real estate broker, or a property manager. This type of job allows you to become a specialist in real estate. Earning money can be done through commissions from the sale of a property which you have assisted, or by operating or managing a property.
  • Real Estate Appreciation – This is when you have to take advantage of the increase in your property’s market value. For instance, buying properties at a low rate then selling them for higher prices can give you a return. All you need is to find the right time when to buy or sell.

2. Types of Real Estate Investments

Once you’re familiar with how real estate can generate an income, you must then understand the different types of real estate investments. This is vital so you can choose the kind of investment suitable for your lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle you have will matter since real estate investing is not just buying a property; it requires time and effort.

Here are the different types of properties you can choose from:

  • Office Property – Office space has a high demand especially when you’re located in a booming economy. More companies are being built so you can have higher chances of being rented. But profits from office spaces can vary as the market is dependent on the economic performance of a state. Another consideration for office space is the high cost of operating and maintaining it. As a result, you can have less income, especially when losing a tenant. Therefore, finding good tenants is the key to having more profit from this type of investment.
  • Retail Property – From buildings to shopping malls, retail properties are usually located in areas with access to roadways or pedestrian zones. This type of real estate property is a space where you find services or goods that businesses sell. When choosing a retail space to purchase or invest in, you should consider its relative profits, the population growth around it, population density, visibility, and location. Just like office spaces, retail properties are in demand because of the high growth of retail sales and growing economies. However, having longer-staying tenants are higher in retail space than office properties. Therefore, there are more stable profits from retails.
  • Industrial Property – For business purposes, industrial properties are in demand in sizes that could be enormous, large or small. These properties can be used for warehouses, distribution spaces, or factories. Investing in such can generate higher income as the rents come at higher prices, too, while leases are for longer terms. Because this type of property needs higher capital than the other properties, investors with more finances invest in industrial properties.
  • Residential Property – This type comes in the form of vacation houses, apartments, or townhouses. The profit from these properties depend on the tenant’s length of stay. But since people need a place to live whatever the economic state is, this type of real estate investment is the most stable. Moreover, residential properties are accessible to all even when people do not have a capital to use because financial institutions willing to give loans are available in some countries.


Investing in real estate is not all about buying houses only. You can invest in different types of properties that you can handle or operate. So understanding the differences of such properties can help you choose the most suitable for your lifestyle. Moreover, the ways to generate income from real estate properties vary.

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