Recommendations On Buying Cryptocurrency

Recommendations On Buying Cryptocurrency

The popularity of crypto assets is increasing as well as the number of new projects emerging in the market. It’s challenging to pick one or a couple of coins to invest in.  In this article, we will talk about promising projects and how to identify them.

So, answering the question “What crypto to buy?” should be started with an evaluation of criteria, according to which we can analyze every project and its chances of success.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. The development team. Check out who is the founder of a project. What is the background of the people standing behind it?
  2. Read the project’s whitepaper. That is a document with details on the project, its essence, tokenomics, etc. The whitepaper should be written so that investors have a clear picture of the project, its goals, technologies used, etc.
  3. Check out the road map, which is the list of goals the project aims to achieve. There must be approximate dates or deadlines for achievements, planned events, public activities, etc. Without a properly written roadmap, a project will not be taken seriously.
  4. What is the essence of the project, what product does or offer, and what problems can it solve? Answering these questions will help you assess the importance of the product.
  5. Check out the project community. Do they post news, inform users about updates, conduct activities, attend conferences, etc.? If the project is not active on social media, that may be a bad sign.
  6. Find out who the project’s backers are. If well-known and successful companies cooperate and support the project, trust increases.
  7. The benefits of the blockchain. That may be the speed of transactions, low fees, high level of safety, mechanisms against hacker attacks, etc.

Studying these points will help you find the answer to the question, “Which crypto to buy?”.

Once you pick the coin you want to buy, you need to find a proper place to do it. We recommend using only trusted exchanges for buying cryptocurrency, for example, well-known Binance, young yet credible WhiteBIT, Kuna, and Huobi.

Which Crypto To Buy Today

To pick an asset for investment, you can also study the history of assets and the way they behaved through it. Check out the charts and learn how the price changed, compare it with the market fluctuations for the same period, and see how the asset reacts to the market movements. 

If you want to invest long-term, we recommend considering such assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, and others.

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