Refreshing Your Home for Summer

Refreshing Your Home for Summer

Summer is almost upon us. The weather is warming up, the skies are brighter, and everyone seems to be a little happier. But, what about your home? Our homes often grow stuffy and dusty over wintertime when we’ve got the heating turned up high and the windows closed. They may even become damp, and mold can spread. This is the perfect time to give it a bit of a refresh so that it feels bright and fresh in time for summer.

Clean Your Windows

The first thing that you should do to refresh and brighten up your home is clean your windows, both inside and out and wash your curtains. This will help you let in as much light as possible and immediately make your home look much brighter.

Open Them Up

Once they are clean, open your windows up and let in some fresh air. Do this as much as you can over summer, and the air in your home will feel and smell much fresher. The air over the colder months can start to feel tight and stuffy, once it warms up this can lead to damp, close air. The kinds that smell funny and makes your hair frizzy. Opening your windows will improve the atmosphere enormously.


When we move to a new house, we tend to declutter. We donate unwanted goods to, we clear out anything that we don’t love enough to pack, and we have a bit of a fresh start. Then, when you live somewhere for a long time, there’s no excuse to declutter in such a way. Your junk starts to build up. There might be areas of your home dedicated to clutter, as well as mess everywhere. This can make your home feel smaller and unhappy.

Take some time to declutter your home thoroughly. Be ruthless and donate whatever you can. This will make your home feel larger and more open. You may want to hold on to a few things because of the sentimental value they hold. So naturally parting with them will be hard. So why not have the best of both worlds where you can keep them out of the way and more importantly you have more space in your home? Now if you’re a local in London, for example, you will want to naturally have a self storage units in London because good logistics won’t make the whole task of storing stuff away feeling like you’re embarking on an epic quest.

Add Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a great way of bringing a lovely summer scent into your home, as well as helping it to look brighter and fresher. Replace your flowers when needed and make sure you select all of your favorite colors and varieties.

If you struggle with allergies, as many of us do – – consider artificial flowers for appearance and softly scented floral air fresheners for fragrance.


Painting your walls is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to change the atmosphere of your whole home. Without your noticing over time your walls have become tired, dirty and muted. You’d never realize unless you moved a piece of furniture away from the wall. Even a coat of paint in the same shade will look much brighter and fresher. Just make sure you keep your windows open while you paint.

Lighten Up

You don’t need to change your furniture to make the rooms fresher. Instead, just take away your darker accessories and thick winter soft furnishings. Keep them in storage for next year and get some soft, light linens and brighter, more fun accessories for the summer time. Add mirrors and light frames to your walls to open the space further.

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