Relax! It’s Time To Unwind And Rest In Your Bedroom Space

Relax! It's Time To Unwind And Rest In Your Bedroom Space

Your bedroom space is the area of the house that needs to feel the most serene and relaxing, to ensure you have somewhere to switch off from the daily stresses of family life and drift off into a restful night’s sleep. However, sometimes, all the mess, jobs, and noise can seem to follow you up the stairs and will make it difficult to unwind in your sleeping environment fully. Therefore, it’s important to have created a little oasis for yourself, where you know that once the door is shut, you can switch off. The following are some areas to consider when designing a calm bedroom, that you will appreciate each night.

Switch Off The Phone (and the rest of the screens)

It’s no secret that the blue light that your T.V, laptop, and smartphone emit are contributing factors in a bad night’s sleep. So, to eliminate the risk of busying your mind, and having a disturbed night in bed, consider banning anything with a screen from your bedroom’s environment. You will probably still need to have your phone nearby, but try and be strict with yourself, and stop looking at it at least half an hour (preferably more) before it’s time to sleep.

Get Cozy And Sink-In

Investing in quality bed linen and sheets will help you to drift off on a cloud of (a high thread count) cotton, and will also enhance the calm feeling of a room. Look into bed sheets for hot sleepers if you tend to overheat when you’re under the covers at nighttime; you want your bed to be at a pace that you know you’ll be able to relax in comfort for the whole night ahead. Crisp white, and light neutral tones are the most serene when it comes to colors that will soothe your thoughts; so bear that in mind when you go shopping for a new bedspread. Your mattress is vitally important and will support your body through the night and help to get rid of any stresses you’ve faced throughout the day (especially if you can still hear your kids fighting over their computer game).

Block Out The Light

Adding blackout blinds and curtains to the room will help you put an end to each day, and you’ll get a deep and restorative sleep; draped curtains and also add a touch of luxury and indulgence, that will help your bedroom feel like a haven. Textured cushions and fluffy throws will all inject richness and comfort into your bedroom interior, so scatter them around wherever you need to sink into a soft sleep.

Choose Furniture To Last

The furniture in your bedroom can be whatever you want it to be; it doesn’t have to be kid-friendly or blend in with the rest of the house. Your wardrobe, shabby chic bedside tables, and most importantly, your bed should reflect your style preferences and help to give you a much-needed escape after a hectic school run. Consider a four poster bed or something that oozes an island vacation, so you can pretend you’re holidaying in the Caribbean each night. If you’re unsure where to begin your search, get some bedroom furniture inspiration online, then head out to have a look at the styles you have your eye on.

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