Reliable Tips On How You Should Source For Fabrics

There are different types of fabrics and they are all used for different purposes. The various and most common types of fabrics by classification include woven or blanket fabric, home interior furnishing fabric, industrial fabric, carpets and tent fabric, upholstery fabric etc. Buying or sourcing each of these fabrics doesn’t come easy because of reasons like counterfeits in the market but with genuine stores like County Fabrics to rely on, everything can be much easier. It can be harder if you just started a fashion design line for example, and you have no idea where you can source for fabric in wholesale or bulk. 

Home furnishing fabrics for example which are used to make things like curtains, pillows, bedspreads and blankets etc. exist in different quality or materials such as cotton, silk, wool, cashmere etc. It can therefore be tough choosing or getting a reliable and trusted supplier who can provide such fabrics or products. For starters, it is good to be open to all available options because it can be hard tracking down that particular satisfying fabric supplier. This guide has highlighted a number of things that should be considered when sourcing for fabrics for whatever purposes or projects you could be working on.

How To Efficiently Source For Fabric

The following are ways through which you can have an easy time sourcing for fabrics:

  • Visit trade fairs and check out reviews on various fabric suppliers as ways of finding suppliers. Suppliers will not come knocking, you will instead have to go out of your way to look for them. Understand the kind of suppliers you want to be engaged with so that you don’t end up with unreliable parties. They should be able to provide the kind of fabric you are interested in right quantities.
  • Estimate the quantity or the usage of fabric you preferably will be working with. When you figure out the quantity of the fabric you would like to order, it will be easier to get a supplier. The supplier shouldn’t have any limitations on quantity, so that you can also be able to order small quantities when you need to sample out a certain fabric type. 
  • The pricing. Definitely, you will need to consider the pricing where buying quantity in wholesale is concerned. There is a difference in pricing when buying things in large quantities and small quantities. Bulk quantity will always come at a cheaper price. You should therefore ensure that your suppliers pricing on wholesale quantity has a pocket friendly profitable margin.
  • The type of fabric. As indicated earlier, there are different kinds of fabrics in the textile or fabric industry. When it comes to fabric suppliers, there are those who specialize with a single or few fabric types, and others who deal with a variety of fabric types. If your line of work requires use of multiple fabric types, you will need a supplier who can supply all of them.

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