Renovation 101: How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen

Renovation 101 How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? It’s an exciting time, and rightly so. This is one of the most-used rooms in the home. A place to prepare meals and have a snack, and bond with family and friends. It makes sense that you want your kitchen to be just right for you. But if not planned correctly your kitchen renovation could be left wanting. In this useful article, we’ll discuss renovation 101, and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your new kitchen.

Pick a Great Retailer

You’re going to need to buy your fittings, fixtures and finishings so your trades can install your new kitchen. Choose a great retailer like Cook and Bathe. They’ll help you find a great deal on everything you can think of to make your dream kitchen complete. Some retailers also offer price matching or beating too, which is worth it. If you can save a few bucks off what will likely be an expensive endeavor, why not?

Don’t Skimp on Storage

A kitchen is only as good as what you can fit in it to make your life easier when cooking. Make sure that you invest in some decent cabinetry and pantry storage solutions when looking at kitchen designs. If it helps, do an inventory of all your pots, pans, utensils and smaller appliances and figure out exactly how much storage space you’ll need.

Upgrade to Modern Appliances

A kitchen renovation is a great time to update your larger appliances. Think about your fridge and dishwasher. Are they older models that are a bit worn out? Why not upgrade to newer, more energy-efficient brands that do a great job while saving you money? You might even want to consider a smart fridge if you’re a tech-savvy household.

Choose Your Flooring Well

This might seem like an unnecessary step, but your flooring is a significant choice. Some people love the idea of white tiles or vinyl floor, but a white floor will show every single piece of dirt and debris and have you vacuuming and mopping every second day. A better choice is a darker timber or engineered floor that will still look great while hiding dirt better. Of course, make sure it will match or complement your existing paint scheme and decor choices.

Use Your Existing Plumbing

If possible, avoid any upgrades to your plumbing system. This may mean keeping your sink in the same place. The reason for this suggestion is that new plumbing systems can wind up costing an arm and a leg and can blow out the cost of your project to the tune of thousands. So, avoid moving your sink and dishwasher if necessary.

Be Strategic In Your Placement

A kitchen works as a triangle between the sink, the fridge and the oven. Make sure that you don’t have to move too far between any of these things to minimise your frustration in your future kitchen. Be strategic when designing your new kitchen and keep this in mind.

A Kitchen Makeover Conclusion

Pick a great retailer when shopping for your appliances and fittings. Don’t skimp on your storage needs, and give some considered thought to your flooring options. If you can avoid moving any plumbing, and finally keep the “kitchen triangle” of fridge, sink and oven in mind when planning your new kitchen. And finally, when all is said and done, make sure that you enjoy your newly renovated kitchen oasis.

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