Revamp Your Kitchen in 6 Easy Steps

No one wants a messy kitchen. Whether an experienced self-made chef or a time-strapped working professional, unorganized kitchens can leave anyone drained. As a result, kitchens are one of the most frequently revamped spaces in a home. The quest to cleanse, beautify, and improve kitchens are typically never-ending, so it’s understandable why interior designers and assertive home-dwellers alike are bent on bettering the cooking and dining area.

If you’re looking into switching up your kitchen’s visual direction and level of functionality, you’ve come to the right place. Below are helpful reminders and creative ideas you can factor in when revamping your kitchen.

Painting can go a long way

Colors drastically change the appearance of an area. So if you’re thinking of changing the theme of where you cook and eat or are simply bored with your kitchen’s look, painting the space can definitely go a long way. Fundamentally, doing so changes the theme. If you’ve had a kitchen that sported a lighter shade, going for a darker hue gives off a more elegant and put-together vibe. Oppositely, if your cooking space has had a darker shade for quite a while now, switching to a lighter tone will make it seem and feel more airy and easy on the eyes.

Going this direction is often almost more affordable than renovating your entire kitchen altogether. Appliances can be pricey and furniture rates are no joke. If you’re simply looking to enhance your kitchen’s appearance, painting should be sufficient. You can choose to color only the walls and cabinets but including your dining set—as long as their materials permit—helps you achieve a more adherent atmosphere.

Take note of the noise your fridge makes

Remodeling your kitchen may sound like it’s all about changing how your cooking area looks like, but you should know it’s colossally about examining whether or not your kitchen appliances need replacing. The truth is, Americans are too quick to buy new items when they can still very much be replaced. Even when you have a solid budget dedicated to buying new products or putting up pricey tiles and wallpapers, one important question you should ask is if the items you think need to be replaced can still be repaired. This doesn’t only save you a good stack of money, it also contributes to the environment.

For example, if your refrigerator generates a thundering noise that surpasses what’s considered to be white noise, you may really need to have it checked. But it also doesn’t automatically mean that it’s broken. Many times, you may just need to learn how to reduce the fridge noise. Lucky for you, there are a lot of ways to do this and the internet lacks no tips in helping you lessen your fridge’s natural buzzing sound.

Buy new tables and chairs

You may have already bought about it, but we’re here to validate your ideas. Changing your dining set not only elevates a good fraction of your kitchen’s overall theme, it also helps collect a stronger visual focus. If you want to toy around with vibes and impressions, don’t purchase a dining set; buy a table and select different chairs to complement it. While it’s ideal to go for whatever helps complete the look, you’d be surprised that several tables also look nice when paired with chairs they don’t often come with.

For example, wooden chairs complete a metal table in ways metal chairs can’t. The same way plastic chairs can go hand in hand with wooden tables the same wooden chairs won’t be able to pull off. Don’t shop hastily. Look around and don’t be afraid to mix and match. To help visualize a collective feel, download a mood board app on your phone and snap photos of the furniture you think look great together.

You can’t go wrong with a dainty backsplash

Going for a tile backsplash is an efficient method to improve the general voice of your kitchen. Depending on the tiles you choose, the process is mostly economical and doesn’t take long to finish. Backsplashes warrant immediate focal changes and are easy to swap out; just don’t forget to make sure the tiles you select are water and dirt resistant.

If tiles are beyond your budget, regular wall paint should suffice. For a more complex look, wallpapers are feasible alternatives. Whatever selection you end up choosing, adding accents are a sure way to optimize your kitchen.

Consider basic brands

If you’re more inclined to changing a lot of your kitchen appliances, don’t be afraid to buy brands that aren’t popular. The internet is your friend. Looking up reviews can help you save lots of cash compared to patronizing a brand you deem credible simply because a lot of people believe in the logo it comes with.

Designer brands often leave you reeling from a money coma much earlier than you should be. There are plenty of thriving kitchenware brands that don’t share the same fanfare bigger brands do, but that doesn’t make the newer ones any less functional and competent.

Curtains, fabrics, and mirrors are your best friends

Another more economical route you can go with is simply changing your curtains. As with paint, your curtain colors leave drastic visual impressions immediately. One way to go about this is to utilize curtains either one shade darker or lighter than your kitchen walls. If you’re brave enough, you can choose colors that traditionally don’t round each other off; yellow and purple, red and blue, maroon and green. Under the right circumstances, they may just provide a fresh perspective.

Mirrors, as always, complete any look. A lot of people assume mirrors only work well in living areas and bedrooms, but when positioned in ambient spots and corners, mirrors can help extend the space your kitchen already has. They invite more light into the area and they help achieve a tone in ways ordinary wall paint can’t.

Here’s a concept: put up a wall shelf where you want the mirror to be placed and instead of solely hanging the mirror on the wall, let it rest on the slat. You can then put plants and plate souvenirs on the wall shelf. This puts out a more expansive space and lets your wall look bigger than it actually is.

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