Roof Windows for Flat Roofs – What are Your Options?

Roof Windows for Flat Roofs

When you think about roof windows, the first image that comes to mind is probably that of a spacious loft with a sloped ceiling. But you can enjoy the benefits of a bright, sun-filled space even if your house has a flat roof. And because such solutions are offered by many reliable manufacturers like Velux, flat roof windows are gaining more and more popularity. However, before making a decision, you need to find out which option will work best in your house.

What are the available types?

To get the most out of the possibilities offered by roof windows, you have to choose the perfect ones. Remember that not every type will fit your property and give you the same result, so it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the available models. It’s also important to know what options you have for window openers, so you can decide on what’s best for your needs.

Glass-domed and flat-glass rooflights

These two options are the most popular choices on the market right now. The flat-glass model is a more cost-effective solution, but it may require a supporting stand when installing on a flat roof. Otherwise, there’s a risk of rainwater pooling over the surface, which may lead to damages and condensation. This can be avoided if you choose to go with a glass-domed rooflight. It will automatically prevent such situations due to its design.

Roof lanterns

This is a more expensive solution, but it’s very effective when you want to give your house that one-of-a-kind look. If you have very specific requirements, you can also look for bespoke options. Plus, the interior will be completely transformed, thanks to the increased influx of natural light. It’ll seem much bigger as lanterns will give an impression of a higher ceiling.

Walk-on rooflight

By installing walk-on rooflights, you can bring a significant influx of light into your home while keeping the roof area accessible without any restrictions. That’s because they are made of reinforced glass that makes it safe to walk across them. And in many cases, they come with a safety film to stop you from slipping during rain.

Why should you consider installing roof windows?

Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, you have a lot to gain from something as simple as installing roof windows. The most obvious benefit is the amount of sunlight that will be able to enter your house. It’ll help you create that beautiful and comfortable space you’re dreaming of, but there is actually a lot more than that. By letting more light into your house, you’ll limit the need for artificial lighting, which can have a big impact on your energy bills.

Installing roof windows is also a great solution to any ventilation problems you may have. If your loft tends to get stuffy during summers, opening a rooflight can often be enough to let some fresh air in. But making sure your windows are properly insulated will not only be beneficial on hot days, but it’ll be helpful with controlling temperatures in winter as well.

How to choose the best option?

Each of the available models offers different benefits, and choosing just one of them can be quite a task. That’s why you have to decide what your priorities are. If your windows are to be used as a way of letting fresh air into your property, they’ll have to be placed within your reach. At this point, you should also consider whether traffic noises are an issue in the area you live in. If so, it may be a better idea to go for triple or quadruple glazing to stop any external sounds from bothering you.

Installing roof windows is an easy and relatively cost-effective way of completely transforming your house. And by getting rid of dark and gloomy corners, you’ll gain more comfortable space to use.

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